How To Bike Competitively

Riding a bike can be a good hobby. Not only does it allow you to get exercise, but it is also great for the environment. Just like any other hobby though, there comes a point that you would want to take your craft to the next level, much like the same way that bakers want to join the county fair or video gamers want to join tournaments. Bikers would at one point show their skills on a bigger stage other than their own sidewalk.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to compete in biking or cycling competitively. If you’re a cycling aficionado who wants to take his cycling to a more intense level, here are some of the options that you have:

  1. Join a local biking club or organization. Cycling is such a popular sport that almost any town with a big enough population should have a local chapter of a nationally-established group. These organizations usually conduct clinics, tournaments, road races and time trials so membership in one could definitely be advantageous for you.
  2. Try hitting the local gym. Most people would think of the gym as places for people who lift weights and such but the gym is really a training ground for a lot of people who like to do outdoor activities. In the same way that those who use weights may be rock climbers trying to increase their upper body strength, those who are in the stationary bikes could be the ones trying to build on their endurance. Knowing the other biking enthusiasts in your local gym can get you started on which competitive circuits would be best to join for amateurs and newcomers such as yourself.
  3. Invest on equipment. Clearly, you can’t just be using hand me down gear if you want to be competitive. Try to buy the best equipment you can afford with your budget so that you could look the part. Make sure that you don’t sacrifice safety for the external appeal of the gear. Go for the one that gives you the most bang for the buck in terms of look and features.
  4. Take your search online. There are many racing and biking organizations who post bulletins on upcoming races on their official websites. If an event is in town or is just nearby, you may sign up from the comfort of your own home with the help of a good internet connection. You could even invite your other friends to join.
  5. Get a coach or at least a friend who would want to go competitive in cycling as well. You could easily push each other to perform better. Aside from this, the two of you could also customize your training schedule according to your schedule to maximize both of your time.

Going competitive in one sport would require a lot of dedication and patience. If you really want to achieve a lot in something, you must be ready to make the necessary sacrifices to make your dream a reality.


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