How To Build a Beginner's Backyard Snowboard Kicker

Snowboarding can be fun. Since winter only comes once in a year, you cannot go snowboarding at anytime you want. If you are still learning the skill of snowboarding, it is better to practice in your backyard, especially if you do not want others to laugh at you. Your backyard can be a great place to build a snowboard kicker, and you can practice as much as you want without people looking at you.

Here are the ways on how you can build a beginner's backyard snowboard kicker:

  1. First of all, inform your parents about what you are going to do with your backyard if you are still living with them. Your parents might get mad or there might be something in your backyard that might be ruined if you build your beginner's snowboard kicker.
  2. After you have gotten your parents' permission, begin by searching for a slope (snow covered of course) that in your opinion has a nice hill that can be used and create a good enough speed for your snowboarding.
  3. Begin by enhancing the slope that you have chosen to have your snowboard kicker. Pile the snow at the highest part of the hill to around four to five feet. This will serve as your jump. The slope is important since it is the part that will enhance your speed once you ride down. Do not build the jump on the bottom part or you will land flat on your face after you slide down.
  4. If you have already piled the snow to about four to five feet, get a shovel and use it to shape the snow into a ramp. Also use the shovel to pack the snow down so that it will be solid and you will not have a hard time jumping down. After packing it down, the jump will become around 3 feet high, which may look small to you, but it will be enough for practicing jumps.
  5. After you have finished shaping up the slope and packing it down, do not immediately use it for snowboarding. Allow it to harden overnight so that the snow will be harder and more solid. If you immediately tried to run down the slope that is freshly made, it will be easily destroyed and deformed.
  6. If your slope has already hardened and ready for your jumps, try the most basic thing first to see if your snowboard kicker is ready for the ride. Try to get used to the speed that your slope creates first so that you will be comfortable with it soon enough. Do not panic at the speed so that you will be able to concentrate and avoid accidents. This is the usual mistake that a beginner makes that is why they are more prone to accidents.

Building a beginner's snowboard kicker takes only a while and overnight for it to harden. As soon as it is ready, you can jump to your heart's content and have fun with it.


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