How To Build a Bicycle Ramp

Building a bicycle ramp is a fairly simple project when all the supplies are handy. Normally they take only 4-5 hours to complete.  Supplies can be found at local home supply stores for around $25.00.

Bicycle ramps are used to perform stunts and to perform air stunts. When attempting any type of stunt It is important to wear proper gear.  Proper gear includes a good fitting helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and always wear some type of closed toe shoes.  Know the abilities of the person that will use the ramp.  For older more experienced users, a thicker piece of plywood can be used for the vertical supports.

Supplies you will need:

  • 1 2-by-4 cut 10 feet long
  • Saw
  • 1 3/8-inch plywood sheet
  • Drill
  • Screws (2 inch)

Steps 1 thru 8 are instructions on how to build the base and supports for a bicycle ramp.

Step #1:  Start by cutting the 2 by 4 piece of wood length wise. This will make the board   1 ½ by 1 ½ feet.  Now cut three 24-inch boards and one 23-inch board.

Step #2: To create the sides -  Lay the boards on top of each other, draw a curve across the rectangle.  The more angle a curve has, the more air the bicycle will get from the ramp.

Step #3:  Using the saw cut along the lines you have drawn.  Cut all three rectangles the same way.

Step #4:  Separate the curve into three sections.  Make squares along the edge in the middle of the sections.  They should measure approx. 1-½ by 1-½ feet.

Step #5:  Cut out the boxes you made in the previous step.  The ramp will need a center brace.  To create a center brace simply cut out the back corner of one of the boards.

Step #6:  Slide the smaller 23 inch piece of board through the notch in the center brace board.  Line the other corners up with this board.

Step #7:  Screw the sides to the 23-inch piece of board.

Step #8:  Put the 24-inch piece of board in the slats that were made for them.  Screw the braces, attach with once screw on each end.

Steps 9 thru 13 are instructions on building the actual ramp and how to attach it to the base.

Step #9:  Cut the piece of  plywood into 24-by-26 inch piece.

Step #10:  To allow the plywood to bend, it will need to be scored.  To do this cut lines approx. 1/8-inch deep - 1inch apart across the entire length of the back.

Step #11:  Attach the plywood to the supports using screws.

Step #12: Turn the ramp over and cut a 34X24 inch base using the plywood.

Step #13:  Attach the ramp to the base using screws.


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