How To Build a Gun Carrying Case

Firearms should always be safely stowed away in a gun case when not in use or when lugged around. This serves two purposes. The first purpose is to keep it safe, secure, and away from children or inexperienced people. The other purpose is to protect your baby from the elements including the occasional scratches and grooves caused by inadvertent contact with rough materials such as tables, chairs, the floor, and the like. Now, normally, you will simply want to buy a ready-made gun case from a gun store but since the economy is not doing to great nowadays making you stick to a strict budget, it may be more cost effective to build your own. Here are some steps on how build a gun case for your prized possession.

  • Measure the gun. The size of your gun case will be dependent on the dimensions of your gun. A gun case for a rifle will definitely be bigger and longer than a gun case for a pistol. This being said, your first step is to get the dimensions of your gun. For this phase of the process, you will want to measure the length, width, and thickness of the gun. This will help you determine the size of the wood you will need to assemble the gun case.
  • Buy the wood. Now that you have the dimension of your firearm, you will want to purchase the wood. You will basically need around 3 or 4 wooden planks. As a standard, opt for a 12 inch by 12 inch plank. You will need two pieces of this. These will serve as the main body of the case and one of them will be the opening for the case as well. For the walls of the case, you will want 3 inches by 12 inches. Again, the size will be dependent on the dimensions of your gun. Adjust the measurements accordingly. You may need to do some sawing to get the size of the wood just right.
  • Assemble the case. Lay the first plank flat and start nailing the wood that will serve as the walls of the case on all sides. Once that is done, the next step will be to place the other plank on top to form the box. However, since this top part will likely serve as the opening for the case, you will want to attach this using hinges. Position the hinges at the bottom part of the case and so that it will swing down when you open that side. Screw the hinges onto the bottom wall and the top plank. As soon as you complete that, close the case and put in the lock. To complete the project, add a nice metal handle on the top wall and screw it on. Now, you have a simple carrying case however, the process in not complete yet.
  • Fix the interior. Now that the gun case is assembled, you will need to line up the interior with foam so that the gun will rest in its soft clutches. Cut some black foam with the same dimensions of the planks and the walls. You will want the interior to be layered with the foam on all sides. Use rubber cement for the adhesive. This will put the foam in place at all times.

After applying the foam inside the case, place your gun inside and lock it. Bear in mind that this gun case is a simple one without any frills or design. Don’t worry; you can always dress it up and even mold it to fit a more modern and sleek looking case.


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