How To Build a Natural Fire Pit

An excellent way to spend any summer, spring, or fall evening is outside with your friends and family around a fire pit.  Some people enjoy steel fire pits, but nothing is more relaxing than a natural fire pit.  Natural fire pits can be very easy to build if you have help, and depending on your location can be almost free to construct.  This article will give you the steps needed in how to build a natural fire pit.  
The first step in how to build a natural fire pit is to collect all the supplies you need.  To build a natural fire pit you will need large flat rocks, medium sized rocks, a few shovels to help dig, a wheel barrow to help transport rocks or dirt, and some friends to help with the building process.  If you live in an area where for free you can find the types of rocks needed, then use those.  If not, your local home improvement store should be able to order and deliver the rocks you need.
The next step in how to build a natural fire pit is site selection.  You will want an open field that is relatively flat, and has ground that you can dig into.  You will also want to make sure your pit is not near any trees or shrubs that can catch on fire.  Be sure you are not violating any zoning or fire codes with the construction of the natural fire pit.

After selecting a site, collecting friends to help you build the pit and all necessary supplies, the next step in how to build a natural fire pit is to dig a trench.  The size of your pit depends on your tastes, so dig the trench to meet your needs.  The trench should be at least 4 inches deep.  After digging, remove any excess debris in and around the pit which could be caught on fire.
After digging the trench, the next step in how to build a natural fire pit is to line the rocks.  The large flat rocks will need to line the bottom of your pit.  Try to arrange them carefully, and to be sure the pit floor is covered with rocks.  Along the interior sides of the trench you will want to lay the medium sized rocks, which will then act as the wall of the pit.
Once you are done laying the rocks, you are done building the natural fire pit.  You can now relax and enjoy the pit to its fullest.  Whenever using a natural fire pit, be sure to exercise extreme caution.  Remove all debris near the fire before every use, don’t start a fire on a windy day, and be sure you keep some water source nearby to put the fire out.


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