How To Build Your Own Punching Bag for Cheap

It seems that the lightning fast punches of the great Manny Pacquiao have got your attention and have even inspired you to start training your butt off in the stamina intensive world of boxing. Obviously, you can always go to your local boxing gym and become a member but if you don’t have the cash to pay a monthly membership fee, how the hell can you actually start your career in boxing. Technically, you can have the same tools found in a boxing gym at home. For instance, the punching bag, which is really the basic training tool for all boxers can be home made. Yes, you need not buy an expensive one or become a member of gym just to use one. You can make one yourself. Here are some tips on how you can build and make your very own punching bag without getting knocked out by the costs.

  • Gather the materials. To create your very own punching bag, you will need to secure several materials such as an army sack or duffel bag which will serve as the shell of the punching bag, craft foam, sand, a chain, plastic cover, and a ceiling hook. Some of the materials can be found at your local hardware supply store. For the craft foam, visit your local crafts supply store. Get as much as you can to be able to line the punching bag interior up with foam. As for the duffel bag, an army surplus shop should be the best option to purchase this.
  • Prepare the shell. Get the bag and turn it inside out. Line the whole interior with craft foam. You have to sew this on to the exterior as you want everything properly cushioned. Once that is done, line the foam with plastic cover. In fact, the whole interior of the bag should be covered in plastic so that it will serve as a sort of internal bag and barrier for the sand that will fill up the rest of the space inside the bag.
  • Pour the sand. Once the bag is lines up with foam and plastic, pour in the sand. With the plastic there, the sand won’t slip through the gaps of the foam and bag’s fabric and fall out. It will be contained. Keep filling the bag with sand until it begins to look like a real punching bag. You want everything tight and compact at this point. Once the bag is packed to the brim, seal it by tying it up.
  • Hang the bag. Locate an area on your ceiling where it has a strong enough foundation to carry the weight. Attach the ceiling hook there and connect the chain. Add another hook to the improvised punching bag and hang it on the chain. Test the weight by taking a few punches.

Now that you have your very own punching bag, tape your hand, put on the gloves, stretch, and start wreaking havoc. Make sure that the footwork, form, and strikes are correct and proper to prevent injury and help you develop the optimum boxing technique.


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