How To Buy a Clay Pigeon Thrower

A clay pigeon thrower is a simple device used by hunters to practice their shooting. It is basically a mechanical thrower. The contraption is usually made of plastic to make it lightweight and it is only about two to three feet in length. It has to be portable so a hunter and his companion can bring it along when out on a shoot.

It has an arm that releases the clay pigeon into the air, propelling the object towards the sky. Once airborne, the hunter can then try shooting the clay pigeon using a rifle or other hunting device.

If you want to use a clay pigeon thrower and need to buy one, here’s how to go about it.

  • Assess your own skill level. If you are a beginner, opt for the simple designs. You may be fine with a Standard thrower or one that forgoes so many bells and whistles if you are still learning. A basic mechanized hand thrower will do the trick in most cases, so you can choose to forgo a foot pedal type of device. If you want something more challenging, you may opt for a Midi thrower, which uses a target that is more difficult to shoot because of its smaller size. If you will be using the thrower in a course, then a Mini is what you should get. A Battue is a type of thrower that more experienced shooters choose since it offers two different shooting options.
  • Learn more about clay pigeon throwers. A good resource is There are several different types of models and manufacturers in the market. Familiarize yourself with your options before making a purchase. Read up on what other hunters and sportsmen have to say take their advice into consideration. Another resource you can try is Read up on product reviews so you can find the best deal for your money without compromising quality.
  • Set your budget. The most basic clay pigeon thrower sells for under $50, but premium models with more complicated mechanisms go for over $300. The more complicated the pigeon thrower, the more expensive it is. Go for an established manufacturer such as Trius, MTM and Atlas.
  • Check retailers to see what’s available. Clay pigeon throwers can be bought at hunting supply stores. You may also try the sporting goods/camping/hunting goods section of retailers such as Target and Walmart. There are also good models available online. Check out and Amazon.

Balance out your needs, budget and with what’s available in the retail market to find a suitable clay pigeon thrower for you. Before you purchase one, see if you can try one out from a friend or fellow shooter. Getting actual hands on experience is the best way to determine which one you should buy. Once you find a good quality one, take proper care of it and you should be able to enjoy it for several years to come.


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