How To Buy a Soap Box Racing Model Kit

Soap box racing model kit

Since 1934, soap box racing has captured the hearts and adoration of kids and adults from 15 to 45. Relying only on unadulterated gravity to achieve great speed, it’s definitely an adrenaline overload and being in one of those soap box racers feels like a rush that’s unlike any other feeling in the world.

Here are some of the “Firsts” achieved by both men and women in the history of Soap Box Racing:

  • The first female to win the race was Karren Stead back in 1975.
  • The First female to win the Soap Box Derby’s “Rookie of the Year” was Laura Shepherd. This happened in 1994. Her car was fittingly called “Lightning Laura” and was sponsored by Dairy Queen.
  • The First person with a disability to participate in the Soap Box Derby was Justin Yoder. He is from Middlebury, Indiana.
  • The youngest Soap Box Derby World Champions are Vince Sprague of Cincinnati, Ohio; Marc Behan of Dover, North Hampshire; and T.J. Pond of Altamonte Springs, Florida. All of them boys were 9 years old when they competed and won the championship.
  • The youngest to attempt a win in the Master’s Division of the Soap Box Derby Championship in 2006 was Tyler Gallagher who at that time was 15 years old.

The year 2010 marks the 73rd year of the All-American Soap Box Derby (AASBD), recognized to be the one and only legitimate pioneer in the Soap Box racing circuit and the largest organization behind the Derby Downs World Championship held annually in Akron, Ohio.  This is definitely a great year to buy your first soap box racing model kit.

Whether for Slalom racing, the AASBD, or just plain fun, here is how to buy a Soap Box Racing Model Kit:

1.    Buy your kit depending on the competition category or segment you want to participate in:

  • Stock class is for newbies or first-time racers
  • Super Stock Class is for serious and experienced racers.
  • Master and Scotties class are for senior professional racers.

2.    Consider this your educational introduction into the world of automotives because this kit will show you step-by-step instructions on how to build a soap box race car from scratch. Expect the kit to contain instruction/assembly blue print that will show you how to connect steering contraptions, wheels, tire-rods, braking mechanism, and parts and accessories to complete the racer. While this kit comes complete with what you need and will be easy to assemble, you might need to have extra framework materials like plywood and nails to complete the entire racer.
3.    This is one kit that should not be purchased on public-selling websites and online marketplaces. Instead, get in touch with the All-American Soap Box Derby (AASBD) Organization –Check out their website at and go berserk over the model kits that are offered there.  It will also serve you well if you get your kits from the AASBD since these already come with the rules and regulations for competition. Model kits are priced at $94.00 shipping included. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time but potential buyers will be given prior notice.

4.    The specifications of Soap Box Racing Model Kits for your consideration are size, dimension, the material that it’s made from, and the accessories to jazz it up.

Be ready with your extras and replacement accessories like steering, nut, pin, washer, and bolt components when joining your first competition.


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