How To Buy a Target Bow for 3D Archery

Archery has had a long tradition and its practice is kept alive by such stories as that of Robinhood. 3D archery is a sport that keeps the spirit of archery alive. In this game, archers shoot at life-size animal targets to score points. If you would like to engage in this kind of hobby, then you’ll need a target bow. Here’s how to shop for one.

  • Choose whether you want a customized target bow or one that can be bought ready to use. If  you want a customized one, then you will have to look for an archery shop or a sporting goods store that can customize one for you. If you want something ready to use, then there’d be a lot to choose from whether you’re buying from a store or online.
  • Select known brands of target bows. There are many manufacturers of 3D archery supplies like target bows. Here are some of the most trusted ones:
  • Bowtech. Considered a leader in archery innovation, Bowtech continues to push the boundaries of archery year after year. Their target bows are well known for their speed and smooth draw. Some of the manufacturer’s popular products are the Bowtech Destroyer and Bowtech Admiral.
  • Mathews Inc.  The company has made a name for itself by reinventing the single cam compound bow. Many 3D archers use its bows because they’re very quiet and powerful. For 2010, the company created a lot of buzz with the Matthews Z7, which is its best selling bow to date. The Monster 7 target bow is also popular among the manufacturer’s supporters.
  • Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) – Pete Shepley’s company has had 40 years of producing compound bows for the passionate archers. It is popular for creating strong, lightweight bows that are perfect for 3D archery. The company has taken great lengths to consult sellers and archers on how to make the PSE Axe and Vendetta the best target bows in the market.
  • Hoyt – For the last 80, Hoyt has made it the company’s business to supply the archers around the world with the highest quality, best shooting, and most trustworthy bows in the market.
  • Buy from authorized dealers of bows. Trusted manufacturers like the ones mentioned above make sure that their products are distributed by the right manufacturers. Obsession Archery Supply and Archery Warehouse are authorized dealers of target bows mentioned above. Remember to check the web site of the manufacturer because you might be able to order online.
  • Test the draw of the target bow. In 3D archery, you’re score depends largely on how fast you can draw and shoot your target. That is why it’s imperative to have target bows with lightweight string that you can pull easily. Make sure to test the draw of the target bow you are buying before you pay for it.

If you are truly serious about 3D archery, you might find it beneficial in the long run to have a customized target bow for your shoots. For more information about target bows and 3D archery, check out You will find it a useful site, especially if you like to join tournaments.


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