How To Buy a Toboggan

Toboggans are a fun way to dash through the snow during winter season. It is different from sleds or sleighs in that they don’t have runners attached to the bottom; the entire underside makes contact with the snow surface. If you need to replace your existing toboggan or you want to buy your first one, you need to follow several tips to buy the right one.

Here are the steps in buying a toboggan:

  • Settle on a budget. Toboggans come in many designs, from simple constructs to customized wonders. A budget not only determines what you can afford, but how fast you can replace it should it become broken through usage. This will allow you to limit your selection and let you finalize your purchase faster.
  • Decide on the type of toboggan usage. Whether for play, downhill racing or pairing with a dog team, toboggans come in a wide number of categories. Think of how you will use a toboggan ninety per cent of the time, and let this guide your decision. You can always borrow another type of toboggan should you need one for another type of situation.
  • Estimate the number of people who will ride on it. The number of family members or roommates is a quick way to decide on the size of the toboggan. A toboggan shouldn’t be too small that one member gets left out, but it shouldn’t be too large that it becomes unwieldy. A right-sized unit can let people take turns using it.
  • Factor in the ages of the people who will use it. Toboggans can be used for a few years before it’s worn down, so buy one that will account for growth among children.
  • Check the Web for designs and prices. The Internet can give you the idea of the range of prices and models available in the world. It can also guide you to used models that you can purchase at a discount.
  • Shop around. Check your local shops for what’s available in your area. You can also visit garage sales during the summer and opt for a pre-owned model, if you are on a tight budget or you need practice. Make sure to check used toboggans for damage before purchase.
  • Have an experienced rider assist you. If your children are the primary users, let them help you choose a model. Out of fashion designs might embarrass them in front of their peers and make them reluctant to use it in the open. You can also test the size of the toboggan by letting them ride it on the shop floor.
  • Purchase the right accessories and maintenance material with it. Some toboggans can go faster by rubbing it down with ski wax and waxing cork, then polishing it with a brush. You should also purchase an anti-rusting substance like WD-40 and spray it on the contact area prior to storage at the end of winter.

Buying the right toboggan will ensure year after year of winter fun. Always check your unit for signs of damage and make the necessary repairs or adjustments before using it outdoors.


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