How To Buy an Igloo Kit

An igloo kit is a camping tool that is best used in snowshoeing, skiing and snow camping during the winter season. Igloo kits are better recommended than tents and snow caves because they provide better protection from the harsh cold outside.  Here are some tips when buying an igloo kit to make your snow escapade more exciting.

  1. You can buy igloo kits online at the Grand Shelters Inc., the best store that sells branded igloo kits. You may drop by their website at They offer a wide variety of igloo kits for you to choose from. Surf more on the web page to see what are included in the kits. Each kit comes with a user’s manual that will inform and guide you on how to build and use the igloo. After reading the information about the kit, go to the next page and make your purchase. Fill up the necessary forms properly. Purchasing online requires additional payment for shipment so be ready to spend extra cash.
  2. You can also purchase igloo kits in retailer stores. However it is advised that you visit these retailer stores’ websites first so you can decide earlier as to which set you want to buy before you go to a store in your area. Grand Shelters Inc. has a list of websites of their retailer stores inside U.S. and other countries like Canada, Germany, Finland and Austria, and etc. You may call them toll free at 866-772-2107 in the United States and Canada.
  3. Look for the features of each type of kit and ask the sales person for their special and top selling kits. The Icebox brand of igloo is known to be the top selling kit at Grand Shelters Inc.  It can do a 6 ft. igloo that can accommodate 2 people as well as an 11 ft. igloo that can accommodate 6 people.  Let the sales person demonstrate how to set up the kit and inform you about its features. You have an option to buy the instructions on DVD for a step by step video.  This DVD is available (with additional cost) with each purchase.
  4. If you know some friends who have igloo kits, ask them which brand and type will make a good purchase. Inquire too about their personal experiences with their own kits to give you an idea on what to expect from this camping implement.

Camping in winter season seems to be impossible because of the extreme temperature. However with an igloo kit, you are assured of having warmth and comfort. In an igloo, you can sleep peacefully. Moreover there is a space for cooking and storing foods and drinking water. Igloo kits are more stable and can withstand strong winds more than any other tents or snow caves.  In building snow caves, you need to exert more effort whereas with the igloo kits, all you have to do is follow the instructions and your shelter is ready. Buying an igloo kit is the best decision and investment when you plan to set out for an adventurous winter camp weekend. Have a wonderful time!


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