How To Buy Boxing Gloves

Before even thinking of buying boxing gloves, do yourself a favor and look at your hands and wrists. Do they seem delicate and particularly frail to you? If they do, you have to get some strength-training in there and a clearance from your doctor stating you can tackle this kind of strenuous activity. Be warned that boxing will be painful even when it’s just for exercise and toning.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can buy boxing gloves:

  • Ask your trainer at the gym. Where did you get your interest in the sport? There’s a good chance you got it from your trainer. So go ask him how you can get a pair of boxing gloves that will be perfect for your training needs. Now if somebody other than your trainer got you into boxing, then it is only logical to ask that person for help in buying the same.
  • Think about price points. The best boxing gloves like King, Top Ten, Olympia, Everlast, Twins, and Fighter cost $99.00 up though they have basic gloves that start at $29.00. This is a worthy investment though because it provides full protection. There’s also a range of colors to choose from that men and women will like.
  • Find the kind that works for you. Did you know that there’s a variety of gloves for boxing? Yessiree! Training, speed bagging, thumb-grappling, and kick boxing require dissimilar gloves.
  • Be picky about materials. Injuries from boxing will happen no matter how careful you are. If you think about it, boxing in itself equals pain and small injuries can lead to big injuries if you don’t pay attention to the materials that will absorb the most impact so you take less. What materials are the best? Leather and patented bayfill. Nothing less will do.
  • Test your gloves. Have someone wrap your hands with tape before fitting your gloves. Here’s how you should feel – The gloves fit your hands snugly without space to slip and without a pinching or numbing feeling. Try on many pairs and take a swig/swing at someone willing to take a punch or something like a punching bag.
  • If you don’t have time, buy it online. No time to drop by a sports or hobbyist store? Then get a pair online. Look for any of the brands mentioned above, pick a pair, and pay for it with your credit card.

In addition to a pair of boxing gloves, you have to add hand wraps, mouthpiece, headgear, and boxing shoes to complete your arsenal.

Normally, you will be advised to read the reviews before buying a pair of boxing gloves. However, the best review that you will ever get is the testimony of your trainer or your mates at the gym who can tell you what brand really gives the most pound-for-pound punch so go with that instead of some stranger online telling you which pair to buy. You cannot go wrong when it someone who knows what a pair feels like than someone who boxes with you at the gym. Remember also that you should slowly “break-in” your boxing gloves. Your hands will be ever grateful if you do so. Besides, you need your hands for other things.


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