How To Buy Cheap Airsoft Guns

The game of Airsoft has been gaining popularity worldwide in the past few years. It is a military simulation game that can be played indoors or outdoors and is similar to paintball. An airsoft gun is a replica of an actual weapon that shoots plastic pellets called BBs, while paintball guns have a simple straight barrel that shoots paint. As such, an airsoft gun is more expensive because of the level of detail found on the firearm. The three types of shooting mechanisms used for airsoft guns are spring, gas, and electric.

I Chih Shivan or ICS, Tokyo Marui (TM) and Classic Army (CA) are leading manufacturers of airsoft firearms made of metal and reinforced plastic. Prices from these manufacturers start at $200 U.S. They make replicas of M16 assault rifles, M240 heavy machine guns, Beretta pistols, among many others.

If you are just starting out in this adrenalin pumping combat game, airsoft guns from companies like ICS may not be in your price range. Some companies like Echo1, UTG, D-Boyi and CYMA have airsoft guns under the $200 price tag.

Buying a cheap airsoft gun is easy. However, be warned that cheap does not mean that the firearm is reliable, will last long or has a warranty. Most cheap airsoft guns are made of plastic. Here's how to buy a cheap airsoft gun.

  1. Decide on the firearm first including what features and accessories you are looking for in a weapon. Do you want a pistol equipped with a laser for increased accuracy? Or a sniper rifle with a tactical rail or mount should you decide to buy a scope for later on. You think you'll want a semi-automatic airsoft gun with a blowback feature for a more realistic feel?
  2. Define CHEAP. Know your budget. How much are you willing to spend on an airsoft gun. Remember that there are other expenses too including ammunition, protective gear and rental for the airsoft field.
  3. Canvass for airsoft guns on the Web. Don't just buy from the first Web site you visit. Compare the prices. Not all cheap airsoft guns are made the same. Try some of these sites:
  4. Look in auction sites like Auction Arms and eBay. However, make sure you are buying from someone who has good ratings from other users.
  5. Read airsoft forums and see what seasoned combatants are saying regarding inexpensive airsoft weapons. Sometimes, forum users even sell their airsoft guns online at attractive prices.
  6. If there is an airsoft field in your area, drop buy and ask some of the enthusiasts for suggestions on which guns they prefer (pistols, machine guns, rifles), what features are necessary or nice to have (laser, scopes, blowback mechanism) and how to buy cheap.
  7. Check your local sporting goods stores and hobby stores for specials and discounts.

Airsoft is a fun and exhilarating game, especially when you have the right equipment. The most expensive gun does not necessarily make you the best player. Just be wise if you plan to buy cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for. But no matter what gun you buy, make sure to wear proper protective gear. An airsoft gun may not be the real thing but it can surely sting.


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