How To Buy Cheap Bicycle Rims

A bicycle is one of the easiest modes of transportation that not only gets you where you want to go; it also gives you a reason to get some form of exercise while outdoors. In the olden days a basic bicycle moves a person from point A to point B. Now a bicycle is either a mode of transport or a race vehicle. Whether you use it as a means of transport or you participate in bicycle races you know that the rims or wheels of a bicycle is one the major parts that need close attention. The wheels keep the bicycle steady and carry the weight of the passenger. They also endure the wear and tear, the stress and the abuse due to constant use. Bicycle rims need to be replaced when they are worn out and bent. A good set of front and rear bicycle wheels can cost from $200 to $500. Some special bikes have rims that can cost up to thousands of dollars. For regular touring, you can look at cheap replacement bicycle rims. Below are some tips on how to buy cheap bicycle rims.

  • There are many online shops today that carry different brands and sizes of bicycle rims. You can search for them and make comparison shopping. Read the descriptions of the items and look at the price. These brands of new lower-priced bicycles are manufactured by bicycle manufacturers to specifications. One online shop where you can browse a selection of bicycle rims is REI, which has several stores across the United States.
  • If you are on a budget and looking at a set of second hand bicycle rims, there are also other options open to you. One of these options is to look at the classified ads section of your local newspaper and look for those who are selling their old bikes. As long as the bike is similar to yours, then it may be worth buying the whole bike as you can also use the other parts of the bike later. You may also be lucky enough to find some sellers of used bicycle rims. These shops usually buy old bicycles and take them apart and sell these parts per piece. Be sure that you visit the shop and inspect the items carefully.
  • Visit some shops that specialize in repairing bicycles. These shops can build custom-made bicycle rims for less. You can also check if they have old bicycle rims for sale that may fit your bicycle brand and model. Some customers leave old bicycle parts when they get custom-made parts. Know the going price for second-hand bicycle parts so that you can haggle the price some more.
  • Check out some yard sales. They are usually advertised and provide a list of major items that you can buy during the sale. They may have some bikes that you can look over. Be sure that you know the dimension of the bicycle rims that your bike specifies so that you can get the right ones. Inspect the rims for bends, dents, and wear and tear. Make sure that the bicycle rims you are going to buy are still in good condition. It is easy and cheap to replace the spokes but the rims should be in the best condition to give you a safe and comfortable ride.

Make sure you are well-informed when you are looking for second-hand bicycle parts. Look for rims that are made from steel, stainless steel and other strong and rust-free materials. Always take measurements to know the exact dimension of the bicycle rims you will buy. Do not forget what type of brake system you have as bicycle rims for different braking systems are built differently.


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