How To Buy Golf Gear for Kids

If you think that golf is just an adult’s game, think again. Golf is now child’s play.  With the increasing popularity of golf, and with stories about Tiger Woods intimating that he has been playing the sport since he was a kid, it is no wonder that kids today play golf.  If you have hopes of producing the next Tiger Woods or simply to make your kids your staple golf buddies, you should learn how to buy golf gear for kids by following these tips:

  1. Buy your kids a junior set of golf clubs. Kids today are lucky to have golf clubs for their size, thanks to many enterprising businesses. Kids then had to struggle with adult sized clubs or had their parents improvise and shorten the regular golf clubs for them.
  2. Know what to look for when buying a set of golf clubs. As a golf-playing adult, you probably know what it’s like to play with the right equipment. When buying golf clubs for your kids, consider the length, shaft flex, weight and grip size of the golf clubs you will be purchasing. If you fail to consider these factors before making a purchase, your kids will have difficulty in making their swings and come up with poor scores and even muscle strain from all that exertion. Since your kids will be growing, you should get them clubs they can grow with.
  3. The length of the club is suitable if your kid chokes down no more than an inch and half to two inches.
  4. To ensure that the clubs have the proper shaft flex for kids, look for clubs made of graphite and light-weight steel.
  5. Check the over-all weight of the clubs. The shafts and heads of good junior golf clubs are lighter and should be suitable to your child’s age. If the club is too heavy, your kid will have a difficult time taking the golf club to the top of his backswing, resulting in inconsistent swings.
  6. Ask for clubs in the junior grip size. The right grip size for junior golf clubs usually comes in the .50 core size. The thinner grips can make a whole lot of difference in their game.
  7. Get special golf balls for your kids like women’s low-compression golf balls or those specifically made for kids.
  8. Provide the kids ball markers, tees, and divot repair tools of their own as well as golf gloves in their size.
  9. Invest in good quality golf shoes that are a bit bigger than your kids’ regular size so you don’t have to buy a new pair too soon when the kids outgrow them. Just make your kids wear additional socks or stuff the shoes to make them fit.
  10. Go to your local golf shop to buy junior golf clubs or check out online sources. Try going to and for starters.
  11. Why not try buying the equipment with your kids? Since your kids will be the ones using the golf gear, it is only practical to tag them along to see how they manage with it.

Adults realize that golf can be a difficult game with the wrong gear. Start your kids’ golfing career right by following these easy tips on how to buy golf gear for kids.


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