How To Buy Golf Sets for Juniors

A junior golf set is a set of golf clubs for young golfers. Before the junior golf set was developed, golf clubs for young golfers were cut down from adult golf clubs. This practice affected the performance of young golfers. Nowadays, many golf club manufacturers make golf clubs specifically for young golfers.

With different types of junior golf sets available in the market, it is very important that parents know the important factors in choosing the right golf gear for their children. Correct golf gear will help junior golfers receive proper training.

Here are some things that parents should remember when buying golf sets for juniors.

  • Height of the child. The height of the child is an important factor when purchasing a set of golf clubs. The length of the golf clubs should fit the height of the child golfers. The golf club should also have allowance for the child’s growth so that they can still use it in the following years.
  • Weight of the golf club. If the weight of the junior golf club is too heavy for the child, they will have a hard time in carrying and swinging the club. A lightweight golf club will help the junior golfer achieve accurate positions and precise swings.
  • Check for the grip size. Like adults, grip size is also essential for junior golfers. The grip is an important golf component. The golf grip is where golfers hold the club. Correct grip size will give the junior golfers a more comfortable and precise hold on their golf clubs. Proper grip size also gives some advantage because there is smaller risk that the club will slip while swinging.
  • Look for the right type of club head material. It is also best to check the heads of the junior golf clubs. Club heads have two types, wood and iron. Golf woods are slightly arched, and can produce greater intensity when striking the ball. The iron head on the other hand, has an inclined surface and has lesser weight. There are many materials that may be used in making golf clubs; some even use combinations of materials. Choosing the proper material or materials in golf club construction for the junior golfer will give him an edge in striking the golf ball.
  • The shaft. Golf shafts have two types, the metal and the graphite types. The metal shaft is usually rigid, and most golfers say it has better swing. The graphite shaft, on the other hand, is gaining popularity because it gives golfers more distance and free movement with greater accuracy. Getting the correct type of shaft will give junior golfers the right swing speed.

Knowing what to consider before buying a junior golf set will save a lot of time. Having the proper golf equipment helps junior golfers achieve their full potential while they learn to become professional golfers. Considering this factor will also help parents save money from buying golf sets every year.


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