How To Buy Mountain Climbing Boots

You need a sturdy and comfortable boots for your ankles and soles if you are planning to climb a mountain or any rocky terrain. Ordinary hiking boots are cheaper than mountaineering boots but not as durable. The price that you will pay for a mountain climbing boots is worth it in terms of endurance and performance. Below are several tips on how to buy mountain climbing boots.

  • Canvass for your desired mountain climbing boots. Visit your local shoe or mountaineering shop to pick the mountain climbing boots of your choice. Don’t buy a pair of boots immediately. Make a comparative analysis of quality and price so you can get the best boots that is worth your money. You can browse websites or magazines to give you further ideas on different brands of mountain climbing boots. Consider buying your climbing boots online, because there are lots of local and international choices. Just ensure that you will buy from a trusted source to avoid online scams.
  • Consider buying pre-loved boots only if they are still in mint condition, because most pre-owned boots have worn out soles that will make you uncomfortable and can cause accidents especially if you will walk through rough terrains. But there are lots of pre-loved mountain boots online. Just ensure that the seller posts original pictures of the item that he is selling. You can ask the seller to post current photographs of his item if you are really interested in his product.
  • Fit the mountain climbing shoes. Select stiff, tough, well-insulated and heavy mountain climbing boots. Ensure that the boots has rigid soles and narrow welts so you will have a comfortable hiking experience in all types of rocky or rough terrains. Push your foot the farthest to observe if your foot is comfortable as you wear the boots. Stand up and walk around after lacing your boots to ensure that there’s no pressure or stress on your big toes’ outer edge. The outside edge of your bone underneath your pinky toe and the inside edge of your ball’s foot must also be comfortable as you walk.
  • Stand up on your toes and lean on your heel, then jump and hop around to ensure that your feet are not moving inside your mountain climbing boots. Also, stand on one foot to observe the ankle support that your climbing boots is giving you.

More Mountain Climbing Boots Tips

  • Fill-up your climbing boots with water for several minutes. Wear your climbing boots after soaking it. Walk around for an hour or more so the leather will shape itself onto your feet.  Also, stuff the climbing boots with used newspaper, then put the boots in a warm area and let it dry. Do not put the boots in direct heat or sunlight.
  • Choose trail boots if you like flexible soles. But trail boots does not have the support needed for hiking the mountain.
  • The water must not seep through the welts of your mountain climbing boots. Use a tent seam sealer or an epoxy sealer so the water does not seep in.

Ensure that your mountain climbing boots is in good condition before you hike any terrains. And it is better if you are with experienced mountain climbers to ensure that your trail and hiking experience is safe.


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