How To Buy Reels for Shark Fishing

There are dozens of outlets and countless online stores that offer a variety of reels for shark fishing. The selections are so numerous that purchasing one of these reels is a matter of first determining which reel will handle the specific species of shark that’s being targeted and then finding the best value to accommodate one’s budget.

The species that’s being targeted is extremely important when buying a reel for shark fishing. For example a smaller reel with a line capacity of 150 yards of 15 lb. test would be sufficient for fishing Sand shark or Leopard shark in the surf or other shallows such as lagoons or estuaries. However in the open water where larger sharks such as Thresher and Mako are found this same reel would be outdone since a larger shark would take all the line before one could turn it back toward the boat. In addition the drag system in a smaller reel is not sufficient for long runs by any uncooperative shark and the reel would simply burn up during the fight.

Conversely, it would be impractical and even uncomfortable to haul reel with a line capacity of 350 yards of 50 lb. line down to the beach or pack it along the banks of a lagoon simply to target the smaller sharks. So selecting the right reel for the particular species and size of shark is important. A good starting point for selecting the correct reel is 100 yards of line for every 100 feet of water depth.

The next consideration when buying a reel for shark fishing is the type of reel that’s best. In the open water a casting reel is far more durable and easier to crank than a spinning type reel. However, in shallow waters or the surf when fishing with lighter test line spinning reels allow one to cast a bait or lure much easier.

Once the type and class of reel has been established the purchase of a reel for shark fishing is a matter of doing some comparative shopping. Sporting Goods stores and outlets handle most brands and types of reels for shark fishing. The top of the line brands are certainly more expensive and they are also consistent in terms of performance and reliability. But that’s not to say other less expensive reels won’t serve the purpose as well where cost concerns may be a factor. If one is familiar with the brand and style of reel then an on line purchase would possibly offer the buyer some savings. However, if one is considering the purchase of a reel for shark fishing for the first time it would be a good idea to see the selection first hand before making a decision. Visit a sporting goods or tackle store and discuss your fishing adventure while you try several reels. It's a good experience in itself.


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