How To Buy Replacement Golf Cart Parts

Golf carts are costly enough to be replaced in a snap. So when one gets broken, there is no question about it. You could repair the broken part of your golf cart rather than replacing the whole golf cart itself.

Here are some tips on how you could buy replacement for golf cart parts:

  • Consult the owner's manual and see if the golf cart is still under warranty. Contact the manufacturer and ask about your concern. Ask for the price of the part you are looking for. Also, inquire if this particular part is on hand and ready for purchase. Calculate the total cost of the repair, including the labor fee of the repairman approved by the manufacturer to fix the cart. If you find it too expensive, you may consider repairing it yourself if possible.
  • Study your user's manual. Find out if you could order separately the part that you need to fix the golf cart. If it is part of another golf cart part piece, know how much more you have to spend on it. Contact the golf cart's manufacturer or check their official website to obtain detailed schematics of the product.
  • Compute the transportation cost. Having repair done on your golf cart also entails transportation. Therefore, transportation cost is one factor that you have to consider. Transportation cost means the amount you need to bring the cart to and from the authorized repair shop. You could look up some transportation service offered by the repair shop. You may also consider looking up trucking services that could pick up and deliver the cart for you. If the repair shop appears far, consider ordering the part that you need to do the fixing by yourself.
  • Inquire about the estimated delivery time. Once you have decided to order online from a store or the manufacturer, you would be able to get a ballpark figure of how much preparation time you have. This will enable you to buy additional tools needed to fix the golf cart. These are things like wrenches, screws, sockets or jacks. That way you will be ready to start fixing once the piece you ordered arrives.
  • When the item reaches you, do not forget to keep the receipt. It serves as your proof that you purchased something from the store or manufacturer online. If in any case the part seems defective, you could address it to them. Then they could offer to either help you, or replace the part you purchased.
  • Read and understand the product schematics carefully. This will ensure that you do not commit mistakes in fixing the cart. This will also prevent further damage that you could induce to the golf cart. Install the part properly to the cart. When in doubt, consult the schematics again. There is no harm in being sure that you are doing things right.

Golf carts are investments for they are expensive by nature. Their parts may be costly as well. However, there are choices you can make in order to save on repair. These steps will help you scan your options and determine what suits your budget best.


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