How To Buy Running Accessories

Beginning a running regimen is like starting a new job: you want to be sure that you know the proper mechanics of it all, but most importantly you want to have the proper equipment.  Accessories are not just used to coordinate an outfit these days; the wide range of running accessories available are there to ensure that you are as safe and healthy as possible when embarking on this new journey.

Proper running shoes are a must. They will protect you from long and short term injuries, so it's worth taking the time to select the shoe that is right for you. You want to run in complete comfort, so in your selection choose shoes for the type of running that you plan on doing. You also want to choose for your foot type; take into consideration whether you are flat-footed or have a high arch. Favorable shoes are ones that offer motion control and high stability - you may also want to consider shoes with shock control. These tips will save you a lifetime of pain.

You definitely want to enjoy your running in optimum comfort and you will be able to do this if you choose your running attire well.  You don’t have to break the bank on running clothes; you can choose articles that are loose-fitting and perfect for the weather, or you can make a great investment in “technical apparel” and meet all of your running needs.  Technical apparel is different from the typical cotton gear that most people use in that it absorbs moisture, dries quickly, and fits to the body for optimum comfort. It is lightweight and stretchy which decreases bulk, adds insulation and makes for the best running gear.

Water…water…water, this is a must and is definitely running attire: invest in a decent water bottle to keep your fluids cool and refreshing for when you have to replace those missing fluids. There are different water bottles out there, so choose what works for you. 

There are other products available which can make for a more entertaining and enlightening run. As technology has advanced, so has running; these days, you can purchase great tools such as pedometers, heart rate monitors, reflective running gear, hydration packs, IPods, mp3 players and socks and sports watches.  Pedometers will give you an accurate count of your steps; heart monitors are pretty self-explanatory.  Mp3s and IPods are used for entertainment.

Whichever items you choose, make sure you get the most out of what money can’t buy - the thrill of the run.


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