How To Buy Running Tights

Many runners prefer running tights as apparel for their exercise routine. They have a way of squeezing the body, making the muscles warm up easily. They are also very light clothes that will not drag the runner down in a competition or an extended running session. As a new runner, you might prefer wearing tights instead of loose jogging gear to make sure you do not chafe. Running tights do not drag the runner down, and that is another reason why some runners prefer tights to other options for running clothes.

Here are some guidelines to follow when buying running tights.

  • Running tights, primarily, should be tight. They must fit close to your body. They must also be stretchable to allow better movement while wearing them. The tights you choose should flatter your body. Do not get pairs that are too tight or too loose. Running tights that are too tight restrict blood and air flow. Loose running tights are uncomfortable and tend to hike up your body while running.
  • Running tights are more flexible to climate changes. They can have a cooling effect on the body in hot weather. They can also warm the muscles much easier, making them comfortable for chilly weather. You can freely pick ones that you think are more comfortable for you. There are running tights that cover the full length of the legs and arms. For people who prefer less coverage, there are sleeveless running tight tops and short leggings.
  • Your running tights should come in bright colors. This will make you more visible when it is dark. Most running tights come in candy colors, but there are still dark-colored ones. Reserve the dark-colored tights for when you are in the gym or an indoor running track. You need to be clearly visible in the outdoors to prevent collision injuries with vehicles and other runners. Yellow, bright red, hot pink, light blue and neon green are good colors for running apparel.
  • There are other materials for running tights aside from nylon. Choose the fabric that your running tights will be made of well. They should not chafe or itch when worn for a long time. If possible, bring extra clothing the first time you try your running tights on. Make sure to wash the running tights before you use them as they might have chemicals from the factory where they came from.
  • Almost every shop that sells sportswear has running tights available. Make sure you buy from licensed shops. Buying from a licensed shop will make sure you avail of good quality running tights. Running tights are also available over the Internet, but you have to make sure that the online seller is reputable and sells good quality running tights. Good quality running tights are made of strong materials. Running tights of good quality do not wear down easily in the wash.

There are plenty of sizes and styles that running tights come in. Use these tips to help you choose long lasting running tights. Take the time to select good quality, perfect fitting running tights. Keep in mind that you will use them every day, and they should fit as good as your skin.


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