How To Buy Snooker Equipment

Snooker is a game similar to billiards where in you use a cue stick to knock balls down into strategically placed table pockets.  While the style of play is quite the same to billiards or pool, the game play is slightly different since snooker uses a lot a more balls and the table is way bigger than the traditional billiard or pool table.  The cue stick is slightly different as well.  If you are keen on learning this British gentleman’s game, then you will need to know how to purchase the right type of snooker equipment, from the table, to the balls, to the cue stick.  Here are some tips on the matter.

  • The table.  Snooker tables are typically larger than the more popular pool tables because of the amount of balls required in the game.  Aside from the size, the pocket openings are a tad bit smaller as well.  With all these in mind, purchasing a snooker table is pretty simple.  You will want to purchase a table that conforms to the International standards.  Visiting billiard and snooker stores that sell tables of all sizes and games is a great way to start your search.  While there, make sure to compare the size of a pool table and the snooker table so that you are aware of their differences.  Bear in mind that you can actually purchase a junior sized snooker table, which is appropriate if you want your kids to learn the sport from scratch.  Now, if you are still debating whether your wife will agree converting your dining area to a snooker hall, then you may want to explore snooker tables that have been modified to allow easy conversion into a dining table.  These kinds of tables will allow you to maximize the space in your house and may relieve you from the ire of your wife.
  • The cue sticks.  The snooker cue is another vital part in the game.  They differ from the common pool cues in both length and width.  Snooker cues tend to be longer at about 3 ft and their thickness, especially at the tip, are thin.  The cues are made with these dimensions due to the largeness of the table and the size of the balls, which are smaller than the typical billiard ball.  Snooker cue sticks are normally one piece sticks unlike the most pool cues that are two-piece screw-ons.  When purchasing the sticks, make sure to try them out first.  Some of the good cues are normally expensive but some of the cheaper ones may provide good quality cueing as well.  Testing them out is highly recommended before purchase.
  • The balls.  Snooker balls tend to be smaller and lighter than billiard balls.  They are sized at 52.5 in diameter and weight about 3g each.  In addition, snooker balls are come in different colors such as red, black, white (which is the cue ball) pink, green, brown, yellow, and blue.  A majority of the balls are red and a set will have a total of 22 balls.  The set should have 15 red and 1 of each color balls.  In the game, each ball, except for the white cue ball, will have certain corresponding points when knocked down the pocket at the right time.     

Aside from these major components, you will need additional accessories to maintain these gears as well such as the cue chalk, a soft felt brush, and a micro-fiber cloth.  It would be best to consult the store staff or do some research to find out the best brands and the best gear to purchase.  However, if you were a beginner, it would be wise to start with the basics first and move up once you get the hang of the sport.


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