How To Buy Stilts

At present, stilts are used by kids and adults for recreation. They are likewise used for construction purposes when the conventional ladder or scaffolding is unavailable or cannot provide the stability and height to make the construction work easier.  The only thing about stilts is that they are actually very risky to us. With the issues on safety and durability, here are a few points that you may consider when buying stilts.

  • Usage. Decide on what purpose you want to purchase stilts. Are they for recreation or function? If you are buying them for a job like performing as a clown in a party or for an acrobat performance, you may consider buying the stilts that will allow you to be flexible. You may want to purchase stilts that would allow you to jump and walk. If you are buying for function like the ones used in construction work or repairs to reach high areas, you may consider the basic stilts that provide elevation.
  • Types. There are various kinds of stilts. And to the name a few:
    • Handheld stilts. These are common toys for children. Handheld stilts may come in poles or strings. Handheld pole stilts are comprised of two poles with a support for the foot on each pole. The handheld string stilts on the other hand are popularly called the tin-can stilts. The tin cans are platforms where the feet are placed and the strings are utilized as pole substitutes to tow the cans upward when the foot takes each step.
    • Chinese stilts or peg stilts.  These are commonly used by seasoned performers in circuses or street performances such as parades. These types of stilts have straps from the ankle, the foot, and the knee. This gives the performer versatility to turn, walk or dance from one place to the other. The performer’s movement should be constant to maintain balance on the stilts.
    • Dry-wall stilts. This type of stilts are the safest among the stilts. They are made heavier for slow and sure walking. They can be used to stand still or for walking. They are usually used by painters, magicians or actors.
    • Spring stilts. This type is more popularly called jumping stilts or power stilts. They are a cross between stilts and pogo sticks. Spring stilts allow the person to jump, walk, run and do various acrobatic stunts. They are used mainly for recreational purposes as a form of exercise, an artistic expression or extreme sports like powerbocking. With this type of stilts, protective gear or equipment is a must.
  • Kinds.  With the evolution of stilts, manufacturers have offered different kinds of stilts that depend on the type of activity that you would engage into when using the stilts.
    • Wooden and aluminum stilts which are the common basic stilts available have a wide array of selection on what kind of material is the best for a particular activity. Choose the ones that are crafted for durability and safety.
    • Another kind is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber springs found usually on jumping stilts. This kind works better in sports because it provides more spring and are stronger with less weight.
  • Research.  Since stilts are considered as a “use this product at your own risk” item, it pays to know more about them. Check out people who have bought and used stilts. Search online for reviews and tips. This way, you can weigh your options and list relevant issues that you may ask the manufacturer or store personnel before purchasing a set.
  • Buy them. Stilts are available in construction shops and hobby stores and of course online. The advantage of purchasing them in the stores is that you get to try them out first. Online purchase is another option you can explore however; it will not afford you the free trial opportunity you will definitely want. 

When buying stilts, it is essential to prioritize where and what type of activity you are going to use the stilts for. Buy stilts that are made of high quality material and take note of the tips stated to help you with this seemingly difficult decision.


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