How To Buy Tennis Skirts

Tennis, once a game limited to the elite, now has become quite popular for everyone and has become accessible for anyone who has a genuine interest in the sport. Many sports clubs all over the world have tennis courts and offer lessons for hard core athletes or for weekend warriors alike.

Since tennis was once considered to be high class, women playing the sport were required to wear special dresses that connotes class and bearing on the court.  Even though modern technology has radically altered the tennis dress, it is still the symbol of respect and breeding for women of the sport.  When selecting tennis skirts, be mindful of these tips.

  • Branded is best. Brand name skirts are often assured of their quality. Some well known brands like Nike, Diadora, Reebok, Ellesse and Adidas are quite exceptional when coming up with new innovations, designs, and technologies that help improve your on-court performance.
  • Look good, play good. Select apparel that has a cut flattering to your figure. Along with a variety of cuts, skirts come fitted with pleated skirts or full ones. Looking good on the court gives you a mental advantage that may translate to an excellent game. And, the first step to looking good is a skirt with a great fit.
  • Go light. Tennis skirts are often best when made from lightweight fabric. Heavy fabrics put you at an immediate disadvantage as they weigh you down while playing and restrict your movements. There is also the possibility of chaffing and abrasion as your play intensifies.
  • Mesh with the dress. When playing in warm temperature, be sure your apparel has mesh in the collar, sides and at the back of the dress. If your tennis dress doesn’t have mesh in all of those spots, any combination of the places will be fine. These mesh inserts help regulate your temperature during the game by cooling you down and keeping you dry.
  • Get great support. Get a dress with a shelf bra, this gives you much needed support as well as coverage. A dress with a shelf bra will eliminate your need to wear a sports bra making for a more comfortable, less bulky fit.
  • Temperature check. Be mindful of the temperature conditions of the court. When playing in heat, pull out the halter necks or racer backs. When playing in cooler temperatures, sleeves and shirt collars are best for keeping you warm. Skirts should not limit your movement regardless of weather.
  • Drier is better. Select a skirt made from fabrics that dry quickly. A lot of the sports brands have patented quick-drying weaves for their apparel; examples are Nike’s Dri-Fit and Adidas’s Clima-Cool weaves which helps keep sweat off of the body even during play. Quick-drying skirts keep you cool and light during the match, as sweat isn’t absorbed by the skirt encumbering you while playing.

For more tips and suggestions regarding the kind of skirt and dress best for your climate and playing style, visit sites like and  Remember, wearing the right tennis skirt may be the edge you need to be in Serena Williams’ league.


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