How To Buy Wholesale Lucasi

There are different varieties of pool cues in the market. If you follow the game closely and play pool yourself, you somehow have an idea of what is the best brand of pool cues around and the players who are using these top brands.

One of the best brands, if not the best are Lucasi pool cues. They are engineered and manufactured to strict standards and craftsmanship, which are maintained by all their products. One of Lucasi’s unique features is the Uni-Loc Quick-Release or Radial Pin Joints. This feature makes assembling and disassembling the cues a breeze.

Lucasi pool cues are made from high-grade hardwood that can last almost a lifetime. Each model is custom-designed with beautiful inlays and detailing. Some of these beautiful woods are North American Hard Rock Maple, Snakewood, Cocabola, Birdseye Maple, Ebony, and Bacote.

Lucasi does not maintain its own website. All its products are available through authorized wholesalers and dealers. Most deal online.

Here are some sites that you can visit:

  • Cue&Case. Located in Jacksonvile, Florida, they handle the distribution of the private brand, Lucasi. You can visit their website and sign up. For new dealers, they will require you to submit a copy of your business license, proof of your ad in the Yellow Pages and your tax resale number. Their authorized dealers are required to display their suggested retail price. They also have a maximum allowed discount of 20 percent off their suggested retail price. They can also be reached by their toll-free line 1-800-835-7665 or by fax at 1-900-824-8233.
Shipment time depends on you. You can request for overnight or up to three days for shipment of your orders. Initial shipments are delivered C.O.D. (cash or money order) or via their approved credit cards. Once you have been issued your reselling authorization from Cue & Case, you can pay by company checks.
  • Authorized Dealers. Lucasi authorized dealers are everywhere. Check that they are really authorized by Cue&Case. All Lucasi pool cues carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty for “material and manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the cue”. Cue&Case guarantees that Lucasi cues will not warp and bend and will remain straight even if it is display in your store for one year. They will also pick up unsold inventory form your store provided that these have never been chalked/used. You can check out Billiard, Beads and,, Rockwell and Michael Js Browse their catalog and compare their prices. These site offer discounts on the Lucasi products they carry. Some sites are more helpful than others in the content they place for each product. Michael Js has drop down menus that facilitate your selection, including the choice in cue weights.
  • Follow the prompts. Once you have made your selections, then add the items to your shopping cart and proceed to check out the products. Check the terms of payment and the shipping terms. Normally the shops will ship within three days after your purchased have been approved.

Each authorized dealers also have their own options on what freebies they can include in your purchase. Be sure to do some online browsing first so you will know what each dealer has to offer. 


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