How To Catch Crayfish

Crayfish is not literally a fish. But they have gills to breath underwater. Crayfishes are also fresh water crustaceans that look like small lobsters. These crustaceans often breathe in bodies of fresh water that doesn’t freeze. They can also be spotted in streams and brooks of fresh water. The average size of a crayfish is 7.5 centimeters but they have been known to grow larger.

Before you plan to catch a crayfish, you need to have the necessary equipment. Materials needed to catch a crayfish:

  • Pieces of meat (bait)
  • Nets or lobster traps
  • Pieces of string
  • A bucket of fresh water

Here are the steps on how to catch crayfish:

  1. First, gather all the materials you need. You can use any kind of meat as bait. Hotdogs, bacons or fresh meat cuts are their favorites.
  2. Next, find a good crayfish spot. A creek, pond or a lake will do. Any kind of bodies of water that is fresh and slow flowing will possibly have crayfishes.
  3. Choose your trap. You can use a lobster trap if you have one or just use a net.
  4. Bait your trap. Now, tie the bait (piece of meat) inside the lobster trap to lure the crayfish. If you’re using a net you can tie the bait in a string.
  5. Set the trap underwater and wait for about 30 to 40 minutes. Pull the trap and check if you caught something. If you are using a net to catch a crayfish you need to use the method of luring the crayfish into the bait (piece of string tied around a piece of meat). If you notice that the crayfish is eating the bait you can now pull the string up gently, and then catch it using a net. Note: try to scoop them from behind. Crayfish normally swim backward.
  6. Preserve them. After catching a crayfish, dump them in a bucket filled with fresh water. Or you can grab them at the back of the pincers using your thumb and pointer finger.
  7. Tips on catching crayfish:
  • It is best if you go crayfish hunting in the evening. Crayfish are more active at night time, because they are nocturnal.
  • Try catching bigger ones they are much slower and easy to see.
  • Crayfish often hide under rocks or any thing that shades them from any treat.
  • If you want to check the gender of the crayfish you’ve just caught. Look if you can see some eggs under their tail that means if a girl.
  • If you catch a crayfish using a net, it is best if you use your hand to get them out of it.
  • If you got pinched by a crayfish try to relax and deep you hand in the water. That will make them swim out and release you from being pinched.
  • Throw some fish guts in an area that you prefer hunting them before night time this will attract them and will be easy to catch.
  • Some crayfish are soft like rubber that means they just shed their shell. Be extra careful no to crush them because they are very fragile.

Try to practice everything and you will be able to catch crayfishes easily.


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