How To Catch Night Crawlers

Night crawlers are a type of earthworm that is typically used as bait for fishing. If you are into fishing, you might have been spending some money buying night crawlers from the store. To save money, you can catch these night crawlers by yourself. These earthworms come out during dusk, until nighttime. All you have to do is hunt for them and collect them so that you will not have to spend more money on purchasing bait for your fishing trips.

Here are the steps on how you can catch night crawlers by yourself:

  1. Things that you will need. Be prepared with the things that you will need to catch these night crawlers. You will need a small container to put the night crawlers in, a flashlight and gloves if you are not comfortable in handling the night crawlers with your bare hands. Find an area where the night crawlers dwell. They are typically found in large areas with grass, such as golf courses or even your own garden. It is best to look for these earthworms during a slight drizzle or just after it rains.
  2. Attracting the earthworm. Just before you go hunt for the night crawlers, you can dampen the soil. Water the soil an hour before you hunt. The moisture will attract the night crawlers and cause them to come out from the ground.
  3. Looking for night crawlers. Looking for night crawlers is pretty easy but you have to be quiet and careful. Night crawlers can sense the slightest movement in the ground so you have to be careful when you walk so as not to scare them away. You may find them burrowed in holes or they may just be on top of the soil.
  4. Catching the night crawlers. Turn on your flashlight and carefully survey the spot you are in. Watch out for night crawlers that have half of their bodies buried in the ground. For this, you will need to gently pull the body out from the hole. Be careful when you do this as you do not want to break the body of the night crawler in half. In some cases, you will find night crawlers just settled on the ground. Just pick them up gently and put them inside your container.

These are the steps on how you can catch night crawlers by yourself. For the container, remember to put a bedding at the bottom so that the night crawlers can have something to rest on. It will be helpful if you add some soil so that they will not feel the difference in the environment that they are in. Also, this will keep the night crawlers alive for when you use them as bait for fishing. You do not want to use lifeless night crawlers for bait.

Do this a day before your fishing trip so that you are sure that the night crawlers are still alive when you use them the next day. You will definitely save money catching your own night crawlers rather than buying them from the store.


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