How To Choose a Badminton Racket

You've been playing the sport for a long time now, first as a beginner and borrowing rackets from friends for your use. Now you are thinking of taking the game to a new level and you are dying to buy that badminton racket to elevate your playing. So how do you choose the racket that is right for you? How would you know that it would make your play better and not worse? If you were thinking of taking the game of badminton to the next level, then having that right racket together with the right set of equipment and articles of clothing would be essential.

Badminton like any other sport (tennis, swimming, rugby, etc.) requires the right kind of equipment for you to be the best at the game. Badminton has so many brands of rackets to choose from, which would surely make you scratch your head in confusion. The right racket should be your main concern aside from the right shoes. Modern rackets now are very lightweight, designed to be easy on the wrist and made of boron, ceramic, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or a combination of all of those mentioned and are around 680mm and below in length and 230mm in its overall width. How do you choose what racket to buy and what will suit you best?

  1. Figure out your budget but don't be too cheap, as cheaper rackets tend to be heavier because they were made of less expensive materials. Having a heavier racket may give you the habit of using your arms for movement instead of your wrists and this might get you into trouble later on. So buy a lightweight racket that is not so cheap because lighter rackets give you more maneuverability and speed during a game. A beginner should have heavier rackets for more stability and then gradually go on to lighter ones. Having the right equipment should be thought of as an investment and not as an expense.
  2. Know how you play badminton and what styles you employ and make sure that the racket you are choosing will complement your style.
  3. Read up on reviews whether they may be online or in magazines. Read reviews about different styles and types of rackets.
  4. Test out the string tension of the badminton racket that you are purchasing. Strong, accurate and powerful hitters tend to favor the high-tension rackets but if you are a player that has a light touch then you would want to get the rackets with low tension so that you can have more control over your hits.
  5. Test the rackets grip. If you seem to grip it very tightly then try out another one. But also remember that you can have your racket regripped in order to fit your hand better. Also bear in mind that a smaller grip can give you more flexibility in playing and might be what you need to make those shots guaranteed to win the game.

Hopefully the tips above have given you some really good pointers so that shopping for that right badminton racket will not be a confusing task and that you can now concentrate on getting your game on with the right equipment. Happy racket shopping!


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