How To Choose a Discus

Discus throwing is one of the many sports that are included in the track and field activities. The sport looks quite simple to execute but it is not just composed of holding the discus, turning a few times and giving your all to throw the discus a few meters away from you. The distance that you will achieve when you throw the discus is based on the right size for an individual. Take a look at the tips that will guide you in choosing the right discus.

  • Gender, weight and age are factors that need to be considered when looking for a discus. A high school girl would normally use a discus which weighs about one kilogram. A high school boy may use a discus that weighs about 1.6 kilos. The coach will be able to help you determine the right weight based on your age and the range of throw that you can achieve.
  • Choose the right type of material that fits you best. The discus is made from rubber, wood or composite materials that will determine when you will use it. For a beginner and also for practice, the discus made from rubber is the recommended choice. The weight of this type of discus is focused on the center. For the advance throwers, the wooden discus is the right one to use. The more experienced and advanced discus throwers will be using a discus made from composite materials.
  • The distance that you are able to throw the discus is also a major consideration as you have to contend with the rim weight. A lighter rim weight is recommended for beginners. The rim weight varies depending on the experience level of the discus thrower. If you are able to throw at a distance of between one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five feet, the weight of the discus should be between seventy to seventy-three percent of the competition weight. For high schools girls this would be one kilogram multiplied by either seventy percent or seventy-three percent, which means the weight of the discus should be either 0.70 kilos or 0.73 kilos. An experienced discus thrower that can throw to a distance of about one hundred and seventy-five to one hundred and ninety feet should have a rim weight, which is eighty-eight to ninety one percent of the weight specified for high school girls' competition. The same percentage applies to high school boys who can throw a discus at a distance of over one hundred and ninety feet.
  • Men usually use a discus with a diameter of around 8.66 inches while the women use one with a diameter of 7.17 inches.
  • If you are an above average discus thrower who generates good spin and speed, choose a high spin discus with a rim weight of seventy-five to eighty percent. This type of discus can be used in different wind conditions. For an experienced discus thrower who can generate a lot of speed and spin, use a very high spin discus with a rim weight of eighty to ninety percent. However this type of discus can only be used during favorable wind conditions.

Do not forget your palm size when choosing a discus. The discus should fit your palm comfortably so that you can have a good grip on it. Choose a lightweight discus if you are a beginner and gradually move to a heavier weight as you gain more experience. Couple that with improving your speed, throwing technique and your physical conditioning.


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