How To Choose a Golf Glove

A Good Fitting Golf Glove with the Right Features Can Improve your Game

Golfers should take as much care in choosing the right golf glove as they do in choosing their golf clubs. The glove fits on your hand, which is the most tactile part of your golf swing. A glove that enhances your sense of touch can only improve your game. A glove that is ill-fitting or uncomfortable in any way will be a distraction.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a golf glove.

  1. Ensure you are buying for the correct hand. If you're going to wear one golf glove, as most golfers do, then by a glove that will fit onto the correct hand. The glove will go on the upper hand, the hand closest to the end of the grip-end of the golf club. For a left-handed golfer, you'll need a glove for the right hand. For a right-hander, it's a golf glove that fits on the left hand.
  2. Try on different sizes and test them before purchasing. Ask the pro or attendant at the store where you are purchasing a golf glove to allow you to feel the gloves while gripping a club. An ill-fitting glove is not just a distraction; it can be infuriating and it can allow for slippage during the swing.
  3. Look for the most comfortable material. Golf gloves can be made from materials such as leather, nylon, knitted material, or other synthetic material. It is a matter of personal preference as to which is the best for you. Keep in mind the climate in which you are most likely to be playing; there are gloves for every temperature, weather condition and climate.
  4. Choose a glove with the right features. Many golfers wear wedding or other rings and golf glove manufacturers didn't fail to notice. There are gloves that have the added feature of holes for the ring. Long fingernails can also be a problem for a golfer who wants to wear a golf glove. Well, you don't have to cut them, there are gloves made with holes in the tips for just that purpose. Many gloves also have attached ball markers, Velcro closures, etc. Choose what you want--it's your glove.
  5. Style. Yes. It's important to look good when you're playing golf. Style is just as important to the golf glove industry as it is in other parts of the fashion world. There's a glove that will go with any outfit in your closet.

As you can see, there's much more to choosing a golf glove than meets the eye. Take your time, look around, and find the right one for you.


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