How To Choose a Place to Go Camping

Camping is a great way to bond with family and friends while getting to enjoy the great outdoors. Planning a camping trip is the best way to ensure that your camp out will be successful. One of the most important things that you will need to plan for in a camping trip is the place where you will camp. Here’s how you can select a good location.

  1. Interesting features. Choose a location that has some interesting features that you and your friends might enjoy. Consider your interests when choosing these locations .for instance, fans of the water can camp out in areas near the beach or near a lake and river where the group can enjoy some fishing and boating. For fans of mountains, on the other hand, there are plenty of camping spots in the middle of the forest. You can also camp out near creeks, ponds, or in areas with great landscapes – whatever catches your interest.
  2. State forests and parks. If you have never experienced camping before, one of the best places for you to go to is the state forests and national parks. One of the best advantages of these areas is that they have already been used multiple times. While some people will like camping in virgin territory, first timers are best if they stick to the national parks where there are facilities installed for the use and convenience of campers. Also, these state forests and parks sometimes provide guides to help campers locate the ideal camp sites within the park. Some will even have programs for small children that go into the camping grounds.
  3. Accessibility. Also consider how close the location is to your home and other areas that you may need to access in case of an emergency. While you should bring your first aid kit during camping trips, it is still best for first time campers to camp in locations which are near local clinics. This is another advantage of state parks, which will usually have a clinic on site. You should also consider other facilities that you might need to access, such as shops where you can buy extra food in case you decide to prolong your trip, and repair centers which you might use if your vehicle breaks down.
  4. Facilities. Also consider the facilities in the area, such as toilets and bath houses. Campers are not all the same. There are some campers who can readily make use of available bodies of water for bathing, while there are others that enjoy camping only if there are areas where they can access convenience such as the toilet. If you are bringing new friends along, it is best to stick to these sites.
  5. Camping skills. Finally, consider the camping skills which you have. There are some camp sites that will provide great views and landscapes – but only after passing through challenge trails and obstacle courses. Settle for easy locations if you have not yet experienced camping before. Some people will get tired just from carrying their bags even when walking on flat lands.

With these in mind, you should be able to select great camping grounds that will make your trip fun and hassle free for the entire family.


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