How To Choose Between Types of Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is of course one of the key components that you need in playing this sport, aside from the hockey pants, hockey bag, hockey gloves and hockey helmet. There are various types of hockey sticks that you can choose from, not only in your nearest local sports store but on the net as well. And it's up to you, what type will suit best to your personal needs and preferences. To help you in making a well-informed choice, here are the types of hockey sticks that you can consider.

  1. Wooden stick. The wooden hockey stick is the oldest type. It has been used ever since the first ever hockey game. This type is the cheapest in the market as compared with other types of hockey sticks.  Moreover, this is the most flexible since a hockey warrior, or even a newbie can carry it with much ease. This may be because of the comfortable feel that it can give.  It may be because it has been traditionally and originally used. A good wooden hockey stick can allow easier pass, catch, and defense. There are different wood varieties that you can include in your list. The most common is the standard solid aspen shaft reinforced with fiberglass on a laminated hickory blade. There's also the aircraft style, which generally comes with light wood, although some may be reinforced with other composite materials. However, a wooden stick may not be as long lasting as other hockey sticks, especially if it is used by a hockey goalie. Wood may easily break since it requires flexing. In the same way, the spring needed to release a shot can be easily subjected to wear and tear, and that means slower and weaker shots. In fact, you may even blame yourself for not being able to score a shot but in reality, it's actually because of a worn out wood stick. Either way, the choice is still yours.
  2. Fiberglass hockey stick.  Some consider the fiberglass stick as the cheapest since it is prone to cracking, as compared with wooden hockey sticks. Moreover, it might also depend on the quality, so if you were able to choose a good one, it could also last for several seasons. Some fiberglass sticks come with a wooden core so they are much heavier to carry, unlike wood hockey sticks. 
  3. Aluminum hockey stick. This type is made up of pure aluminum shafts. Blades are also replaceable. As compared with wood and fiberglass hockey sticks, aluminum is lighter so you can easily glide on the ice and score a point for your team. 
  4. Kevlar hockey stick. Sticks made from Kevlar usually come with graphite and aramid fibers. Blades are also replaceable like aluminum hockey sticks. It is among the more expensive hockey stick types, but your money can be worth it since it is stronger and more durable as compared to the other types. 

There are still other types of hockey sticks that you can include in your choices. Aside from the stick itself, see to it that you go through regular practice to get the best out of your games.


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