How To Choose Firearms

Firearms are crucial for self-defense especially in this crime-stricken world. However, selecting firearms for personal, self defense, and hunting purposes is complicated and time consuming. First and foremost, you must understand the respective state’s law regarding the possession of guns and other firearms.

In choosing firearms, it is important to consider your purpose. Will you use the gun for home defense or for your shooting hobby? If it’s a typical home defense gun, a larger framed handgun such as Glock 17 or Kimber Custom II is best to use. Meanwhile, the Airsoft gun is a popular firearm replica meant for recreational activities or training. Also, reliability is a crucial factor in determining a firearm. You need to shop at different gun stores to ask professional advice on which pistol is appropriate for you. You have to personally try every handgun suggested by the store assistant or manager to know which fits in your hands comfortably.

Here are the factors to look at in choosing the best firearms:

  1. Caliber. The most important factor in choosing the caliber is your comfort with the particular caliber. Most gun experts recommend the .380 ACP Browning Short or 9mm. Smaller calibers produce higher bullet velocity and fast follow-up shots, while large calibers have slow follow-up shots. However, you can select a good caliber based on your firsthand experience with the pistol. Choose a gun that you can shoot accurately and with ease.
  2. Bullet. Experts say that there is no perfect bullet, but some bullets are better than others. The jacketed hollow-point (JHP) bullet is the most popular and highly recommended type of bullet. The JHP bullet is available in different forms namely: Federa Hydra-shok, Reverse tapered hollow point, and Soft-tip JHP.
  3. Frames. Handguns vary in size and shape, so it is important to purchase a gun that matches your needs or purpose. A larger framed gun is suitable for home defense use because heavier guns allow faster follow-up shots. If you opt for a concealed handgun, a small, polymer framed handgun is advisable because it can be easily hidden under your cap or clothing.
  4. Notable models or manufacturers. It is necessary to purchase from a secured and trusted gun manufacturer. Quality handguns models come from the following: Glock, Khar, Ruger, Remington, Beretta, Browning, Colt, etc.

Now that you’ve pondered the factors in choosing a gun, what’s more important is your experience and ability in shooting. The best gun becomes worthless without proper practice or training. You must brave the shooting range with some friends and you can also enroll in some shooting classes for you to experience the various types of firearms.

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility and decision. You must be firm on your decision, unless you want to experience unwanted police interrogation. You can be sued and put to jail for illegal possession or for involvement in indiscriminate shooting and killing. Get some time for practice before getting a licensed firearm. You must be confident in using the firearm to protect you and your family.


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