How To Choose Golf Clubs

For many years, a sport has always been a factor in human society. Different classes have different sports, and give different interpretations to the meaning of a certain game. For instance, golf. For aristocrats it is considered a game of gentlemen. But why is it so hard to hit the ball? A little familiarization with golf equipment could go a long way in your game.           

Golf clubs are categorized into five different divisions. These five are listed accordingly:              

  1. Woods - The most common of these is the golf driver. It is used at the start of the game to catapult your ball roughly 195-200 yards away.
  2. Golf Irons - These are clubs with special grooves to help with ball handling and perimeter weighting.
  3. Wedges - When speaking of the wedges, most golfers mean the gap wedge. These clubs have a wedge on their head at certain angles. These help a golfer maneuver difficult shots. Such as shots from a sand bunker or making the ball stop as close to the "flag stick" as possible.
  4. Putters - The most used club in the game, this specialized club is used to sink the ball into the hole. Thus, it was given the name putter. This club has the widest selection available in any store you will find.
  5. Utility/Hybrids - These are the newest addition to the club family. This type combines the characteristics of the woods and the irons. They give you the maneuverability and accuracy of the irons, with the power of the woods.              

In choosing the right club, the basic guideline is "what makes you comfortable." Also there is the size of the club heads. For beginners, the woods should have a wider surface area. This is because a wider surface area allows for more chances of hitting the ball. Also, an added loft will help increase airtime - for higher flight. And an increased backspin helps to handle the left and right turns. Iron clubs with greater loft help by using perimeter weighting to straighten mishits, and shorter club lengths improve the chances of the accurately hitting the ball.

There are some avid golfers who have preferences that cannot be catered to by prefab golf clubs. What these enthusiasts do is have their clubs tailor made. You'll find some of these clubs used by a few eccentrics. This special group of individuals loves the game so much that they travel to golf courses as far as Gurgaon in India to test their skills on the Jack Nicklaus signature course.  Equally impressive as these people’s love of the game is the quiet and detail oriented devotion that club makers give to their handiwork. Ping, for one, exudes not only its distinct designs but its high performance standards as well. Another equally trustworthy brand is Callaway. 

But of course, if you are just beginning the journey across the greens, you can try looking for used clubs. Apart from their being easy on the budget, you won't fear chipping them. Or you can look for a promotional offer, sale, discount, etc. from your local golf and sport shop. 

By now, you should be all set, ready to take on the challenges of the golf course with the help of the golf clubs that best match your style.


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