How To Choose the Best Bow and Arrow

Archery is a very enjoyable sport. Many people play it not just because it is challenging but also because it is novel (relatively speaking) and it does not involve as much physical exertion as other sports require. If you want to engage in archery, you will need the basic equipment—a bow and arrow. There are many kinds of bow and arrow sets to choose from, and selecting the right one for you may be a little daunting. This article discusses some tips that you can keep in mind when you go looking for the best bow and arrow set for your needs and abilities.

  • What are your needs? This is the first question that you must ask before even looking at the huge selection of bow and arrow sets available in sports and hunting stores. There are bow and arrow sets suitable for professional archery. There are also sets for hobbyists who just want to shoot arrows for simple fun. The length and weight of the bow and arrow sets, of course, will matter. The add-on gadgets useful for more accurate aiming also matter. But, all these need to suit your needs.
  • Are you ambidextrous? If not, you must choose a bow and arrow set that matches your stronger hand. There are left-handed and right-handed bow and arrow sets. If you were ambidextrous, this would not matter much - you can buy either.
  • What is your drawing length? This simply means you need to know how far you can pull back the bow string. A bow that can be pulled far lightly is ideal for those who do repetitive shooting. On the other hand, if you are using your bow and arrow for hunting (which doesn’t require you to shoot repetitively within short durations), you might opt for a heavier bow that will release your arrow with much power and force.
  • What is your expertise level? Most beginners would need lightweight equipment for archery. If the bow and arrow set is light, it is easier to use and manage. Archers with more advanced experience would prefer precision to ease. Such archers are bent on mastering technique rather than relying on ease of use for accurate shooting. If you are a child, you would also want a bow that is not too heavy for you. If you expect to shoot repetitively, choose a lighter bow so that you won’t strain your arm easily. Bow and arrow sets made of fiberglass material are light and are ideal recommendations for children and beginners.
  • Recurve or compound? These are two types of bows. Recurve bows that are curved at each end cost less, but require more adeptness from the user. In contrast, compound bows are easier to use because of pulleys allowing you to aim better - but these usually cost more.
  • What type of arrows will match your type of archery? There are wooden arrows and aluminum arrows. One is cheap, the other is not very cheap. One is not very durable, the other is very durable. If you are a beginner, wooden arrows will be suitable for you. If you play in archery tournaments, you might want to invest in the more longer-lasting aluminum arrows.

With the right bow and arrow set, you can focus more of your attention and energy to mastering your archery skills.


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