How To Clean a .22 Rifle

Regularly cleaning a .22 rifle is necessary in order to ensure that the gun functions well. With regular cleaning, you should be able to prevent the gun from jamming and reduce the inaccuracy of the gun. With these easy steps, you should be able to get a rifle that will function well for hunts or recreational shooting.

Purchase supplies. Start by getting all of the necessary equipment for cleaning your gun. The basics that you should have in the kit are a bore scrubber that is used to clean the barrel of the gun. You will also need gun oil, which will be used to lubricate the various moving mechanisms in the gun. Finally, take pieces of cloth, which will be used to polish the gun and remove the dirt and grime that accumulates on the surface of the gun and on the barrel, bolt, and the magazine. Most of the supplies can be purchased in sport shops that sell recreational guns, and in various online sites.

Clean the barrel. The first part of the rifle to be cleaned is the barrel. Use the copper brush that will be dipped in a bore scrubber. The copper brush should be placed down the barrel of the rifle. Push the brush inwards and then slowly pull it out again to remove the small pieces of gun residue that accumulated in the barrel. Repeat the procedure for at least ten times until the bore cleaner comes out of the barrel clean. Afterwards, take a small clean rag and use it to remove residues of the bore scrubber in the barrel.

Clean the bolt. To clean the bolts in a .22 rifle, take a piece of cloth and use it to clean the surface of the bolt. The bolt’s tract where the piece is lodged should also be carefully cleaned using the cloth. The cloth can be dipped in the bore scrubber to help remove the dirt. Afterwards, place some oil on the tract and the bolt to keep it lubricated and to protect the metal from rusting.

Clean the magazine. To clean the magazine of the gun, remove the piece and use the soft cloth to wipe away any dust that may have accumulated on the surface of the barrel. If there are small pieces of dirt that are lodged in the springs, you can also remove the screws in the magazine to release the spring and clean the piece. Afterwards, return to the magazine to its proper place.

Oiling. To finish off the cleaning and maintenance procedures for your .22 rifle, take a clean piece of oil and then add a few drops of gun polish. Polish the entire surface of the rifle, and then use a separate piece of clean cloth to remove the residues of the gun polish. Use wood polish to keep the wood pieces of the rifle clean.

After cleaning your gun, scrub off and wash the gun kit before storing away. This will keep the gun cleaning equipment usable for a long time.


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