How To Clean a .45 Gun

Owning a gun carries a lot of responsibilities for its user especially because it can cause accidents and crimes if it is not handled with care. There are different kinds and types of gun but the most common one that can be seen in movies or television shows is the .45 revolver.

It can be very powerful for its owner although having it can also require a lot of caring and proper cleaning, just like any other precious yet detrimental instruments. Here are some ways you can to clean your very own .45 gun.

Before doing anything else, make sure that the gun does not have any bullets inside. This is always a safety measure for you and other people who might be near you. Also keep the end away from you by pointing it toward the floor and not on anything that may cause accident.

The next step is to open the cylinder part of your .45 gun. You can do this by pressing the button located at the left side of your revolver. Depending on your gun, you can either push or pull the button to release the cylinder which will move to the left side after doing so.

There are stores that specifically sell parts, bullets, and accessories for guns. Purchase a tiny cleaning rod with an attached brass brush which is made perfectly for a .45 gun. Carefully clean each part of the cylinder with this brush making sure that all the bullet slots are reached until the end part.

Now you will have to create a patch which is a small piece of cloth made out of any cotton shirt or clothing that you will attach on the rod to further clean your gun's chambers. Be sure to make the right size of patch that will not easily wear off since you will have to continuously push this back and forth on every bullet slot.

Just remove the brush connected on your cleaning rod which is usually detachable then replace it with the patch. Do several patches for each chamber then proceed with the cleaning process. When you notice that the patch is clean after inserting in on a slot, this means that you have successfully removed the dirt in your cylinder.

However, the cleaning process does not end there. Use a gun cleaner and add a few drops on new patches then do the same process as the one previously mentioned. Repeating this constantly will ensure you that you are thoroughly removing every single dust or dirt in your gun. Then apply gun oil on a new patch then wipe it once in every chamber.

You may now clean the barrel part of your gun by using a bore snake cleaner with the backward then forward motion. Avoid cleaning the front since this can affect the accuracy of your gun. You can also add a few drops of gun cleaner on the rope and do the same with what you did on the chambers.

The outside portion can be cleaned with an unused patch by just adding gun cleaner to it and wiping the other parts of the gun. After this, you can now close your cylinder and wipe oil on all parts of the revolver to avoid rusting.

Proper care can be hard at times, especially with a gun that needs more than just the right handling, but with the proper guidance or instructions you can surely do this all by yourself.


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