How To Clean Your Roller Skate Wheels and Bearings

Your roller skates must be properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis for your protection when skating, to make it last longer, and give you much smoother riding each time you use them. This would mean cleaning up its wheels, fittings, and bearings too. Listed below are some suggestions to use when giving your roller skates a thorough cleaning:

  • Dirt is always accumulated on the wheels and can be an obstacle in safe and smooth riding. Wipe your roller skate wheels very carefully with a damp piece of cloth. Be meticulous when removing dirt, especially those that have embedded deeply on your wheels. Dig in as much as you can with your cloth to remove as much, if not all of it, as you possibly can.
  • If you notice that your wheels are damaged in any way or may have rough edges, it may be time to replace them. Otherwise, you may run the risk of getting into a falling accident. Your safety must always be at the top of the list of your priorities so focus on those wheels ensuring that they are functioning properly.
  • Give your wheel nuts special attention too. You should check them at least once every three months or more frequently if you use your skates very often. Tighten them with a wrench to make sure that they are not loosened and could come off, but do not overdo it that your wheels will not have room to run smoothly.
  • Check your bearings. They function particularly for your skates to run as effortlessly as it should. You will know when they need to be replaced when your skates can no longer run smoothly and start making noise while you are skating. The casing of the ball bearings located on each wheel can trap in dirt or sand that can damage them eventually if they are not cleaned. Remove bearings from their shields carefully. Place them in a container and flush them clean with a citrus based cleaner that works efficiently for bearings. A toothbrush is a very practical tool in removing grime and dirt. For tougher dirt, repeat your procedure but make sure that you prepare a fresh batch of your cleaning solution when you repeat the process. When you are sure that your bearings are clean, wipe them dry but allow a little more time for air drying by placing them on a paper towel as an extra absorbent. Place a few drops of lubricant inside your bearings. Swirl it around so that everything inside has been evenly covered with your lubricant. Place your shield back into the bearing, making sure it is snapped right into place. Replace them on your skates and give them a little spin till your wheels are moving smoothly.

Always make sure that you give yourself the time to maintain your roller skates. Keep safety measures in mind at all times. Accidents do happen, but they are minimized a great deal with a little effort on your part. Roller skating can be so much fun as long as your skates are in tip-top condition.


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