How To Do a Hop Step

In basketball, learning how to do the hop step will prove to be beneficial for the whole team. The hop step improves your chances of getting the ball into the net and scoring; it also makes layups easier. It is just another trick that you can use against the opposing team to score points and win the game.

First, start by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand toward the basket. It is recommended that you start making your way toward the basket while you are still 10-15 feet away, to build momentum.

After that, take one last step and then jump off your opposite foot (for example, if your dominant hand is your right hand, jump off your left foot). This would be the "hop" component of the "hop step" move. Right before your jump, make sure to dribble the ball one last time, so that the ball bounces off the floor with you as you jump.

Note: If you have a defender that is covering one side, do not try to hop into him! If he is on your left side, hop to the right, even if your opposite foot is your left foot.

Grab the ball with both hands as you are jumping in mid-air. Land on both feet at the same time, so that the jump is like adding an extra "step" into your run for the net. That is the "step" component of the "hop step" move. You are now closer to the net and have a better chance of making your shot.

Be careful to land carefully and correctly, with both feet on the floor at the same time, or you might get called for traveling. Also take care not to run into any defenders during this hop step, or that might result in a charge called by the referee. Another tip is to make sure you have enough room for the layup after the hop step. If you make the last step before you jump too long, you will end up too close to the basket for a good shot.

The hop step, though a controversial move, is nevertheless a very advantageous one to make. Practice before you use it in a game, for it is very easy to get called for traveling. Once perfected, it can surprise the opposing team, strengthen the odds of making the shot, and add variety to your supply of basketball moves.


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