How To Eat for Skiing

When you go skiing for the first time, the chances are you will be on the beginner slopes with an instructor.  As you progress, however, things become a little more difficult.  An important aspect of pro skiing is diet; you need to focus your diet, to ensure you perform your very best on the slopes. What you eat for skiing can affect not only your performance, but your endurance too.

First off, iron heavy foods can be a life saver.  Cramp is a huge problem among skiers, and if you are going to eat for skiing you must have iron heavy foods to help prevent this.  Not only does it help to prevent cramp, but it can also help reduce muscle-based injuries.

The second thing you definitely need to consider is how to maintain your energy while skiing. So carbohydrate based foods such as potatoes and pasta are a must.  With this kind of food in you, it is very unlikely that you will run out of energy on the slopes, and this is integral if you want to eat for skiing.

If you are going to eat for skiing, the other thing to keep an eye on is your fat intake. You do need to get some fat in your body, an hour before you hit the slopes.  Fat is important because it is effectively your body's long term fuel storage. So a bit of fat in your diet will help to keep you going on the slopes, no matter how long you stay on them.

When you are on the slopes, you should always take some snacks to eat for skiing.  These need to vary for short and long term energy. Nuts and dried fruits are good snacks to take regularly, and will keep you going.  You should also stock up on a few sugary chocolate snacks, on occasions you may need a short burst of energy, which is best supplied by sugary snacks to eat for skiing.

When you get back from skiing, a great thing to eat is salad.  Minor dehydration is a big problem among skiers, so when you eat after skiing, you should always include a little bit of salad.

All in all, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet for skiing. Place slightly more emphasis on protein, iron and carbohydrates.  If you keep up this recipe to eat for skiing, you should have no problems with a full day's worth of skiing!  


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