How To Enjoy a No-Fuss Tailgate Party

A tailgate party is characterized by high team spirit and laidback fun. That’s why a tailgate party should really be no-fuss and low-maintenance. Here are some of the ways to truly enjoy a tailgate party, minus all the hassle.

  1. Be all-out on the team paraphernalia. Time to bring out all the pompoms, team shirts and hats without being accused of geekiness! You could even think up a good cheer or two for your team, and be prepared to chant it with your friends during the party.
  2. Prepare fingerfood. A tailgate party is the perfect time to be a little messy with the food. Limit the menu to easy-to-eat food such as chips, popcorn, prepacked sandwiches, hotdog and barbeque, and have some cans of sodas at hand. The key here is to remember that the food should easily be eaten even when everybody is standing up. You may also want to prepare some paper cups, paper plates and plastic spoon and fork, as well as table napkins, to avoid drips and spills.
  3. Prepare an area for the party. Choose an area that has lots of space around it, so you could hold a game of frisbee or football throwing during the party. Inspect the grounds also to see if there are little anthills or beehives nearby – you wouldn’t want your food to be feasting ground for these little critters.
  4. Have a cooler ready. To keep your drinks refreshingly cold throughout the party, make sure that you bring along a cooler packed with ice.
  5. Bring a large picnic mat or two. So that people won’t get too tired standing up, you could prepare a picnic mat that everybody could sit on, without worrying about their team shorts getting all dirty.
  6. Bring a stereo. Music instantly warms up any occasion. You could display your groovy moves and lead people into a little fast dancing . Or, if there’s a pre-game program being aired over the radio, you could listen to it together and get prepped up for the game itself.
  7. Prepare some games. To liven up the party, you could bring along playing cards, a Scrabble board game, and a list of sports trivia. Prepare some rewards as well.
  8. Bring trash bags. Remember, it wouldn’t do to leave trash around after the party! Be kind to the environment and pick up litter before you leave to go to the game. Instruct everybody to throw their trash in designated trash bags and just tie it up once the party’s done. No sweat!
  9. Wear layers. Since tailgate parties usually happen during the fall, one little problem with these outdoor events is that you might find yourself shivering after a while. Remember to bring along a light jacket in case the weather gets a little too cold for your liking.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to fully enjoy a tailgate party, minus the hassles. Remember, the best way really is just to relax, have fun, and not worry too much about having a perfect time. This in itself will guarantee a perfect time! Good luck, and hope this helped you out!



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