How To Find a College Football Schedule

It's the most popular American sport, and for good reason. The rough tactics and last-second victories of college football teams make it a popular spectator sport. Feel like watching a game live or in person? Here's how you can find a college football schedule.

Step 1

Look online for college football schedules. The most accessible and up-to-date college football schedules can be found online. Various sports websites will list all of the upcoming college games for the season. You can surf to any of the following sites to discover the time and location of any of the NCAA games.

Or, you can surf directly to any of the college websites to find information about the next upcoming football game between that college's team and another college team.

You will also find that most of these websites offer you the chance to purchase tickets to these college football games. You can find out what channels will be broadcasting each NCAA game on television. And you can also subscribe to online viewing on a few of these sites so that you can watch college football games on your computer. The benefit of using these online sites to find college football games is that you'll get more information than just the game schedule. Surf these sites on the World Wide Web for team game statistics, commentary, and discussion forums. The Internet is a great place for the avid college football fan to go to for schedules and more!

Step 2

Check the newspaper. A more traditional method of finding college football schedules is looking in your local newspaper. Flip to the sports section and find the NCAA postings. You should notice the time zone that each game is being played in, and a few different channels should be listed that will be broadcasting the football game over television.

Step 3

Turn on the television. If you like to watch sports commentators on television, then you probably already know that they are constantly informing the viewing audience about the college football schedule. Simply tune into your favorite sports program to find all of the NCAA information you need (and more). If you live in a college town, your local television news station will probably report the college football schedule nightly so that all of the local fans will know when to tune in.

Step 4

Listen to the radio. If you want to know when your favorite NCAA team will be playing in their next college football game, finding out may be as easy as turning on your radio. Turn the dial to your favorite sports radio station (either on traditional radio or on XM satellite radio), and wait for the show hosts to tell you about the next scheduled game. You might also find that visiting the website for these radio stations will provide you with the same information.

Any of these methods will give you quick and easy access to all of the upcoming college football games schedules you need to find.


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