How To Find a Montana Fishing Guide

A quick online search for how to find a Montana fishing guide brings up numerous listings for fishing guides who want your business in the great state of Montana. It can be overwhelming and difficult to determine who the best guide is for your unique interests and needs. Below are the top five things to consider as you make your selection and contact the fishing guide who will lead your fishing adventure in the state known for its big sky, majestic mountains, and phenomenal fishing.

Step 1

In what area are you planning to fish?
Montana is home to several great fishing lakes, rivers and ponds, from Bears Paw Mountains to Whitefish Range, and certain fishing guides are more familiar with specific areas than others. Try to narrow down your preferred location to a few bodies of water or even a few towns, and then find fishing guides who have experience in these areas.  

Step 2

What kind of guide do you need?
While some Montana fishing guides are simply there to help you find the great spots in the lake or river to make the big catch, others are more hands-on guides who provide an educational experience. If this is your first time out fishing in Montana, you may find it helpful to have a guide who can teach you the tricks of the fishing trade. Of course, other visiting fishermen are more inclined to have a do-it-yourself type fishing adventure experience, so keep in mind the expectations you have for your trip as you schedule a fishing guide.

Step 3

When and how long will your trip be?

Do you need a fishing guide for one afternoon, one day or one week? Knowing in advance your fishing guide needs will help you to make your guide selection. Some guides are only available during certain times of the year, while others may prefer only to offer guidance for a full-day. Knowing in advance what kind of fishing trip you want will allow you to narrow down the long list of guides.

Step 4

What kind of fish do you want to catch?
From Walleye and Chinook Salmon to Rainbows and Cutthroat, the types of fish found in Montana’s waters are too many to count. But if you have an interest in a certain kind of fish, you’ll want to keep this in mind when you are finding your Montana fishing guide. The guides often specialize in catching a few types of fish. Furthermore, you’ll want to determine whether you are planning on the typical fishing or a fly-fishing adventure.  

Step 5

Who do you know in Montana?
The locals can often be your greatest source of information when planning a trip to another state. If you know friends or family who live in the area or even friends of friends, make contact and ask for the scoop on fishing in Montana. They can often help you when it comes to how to find a Montana fishing guide, because they have an insider’s view. Even if they do not have firsthand experience fishing or with fishing guides, they can likely point you in the right direction—whether it is the phone number for their friend who is a fishing pro or a cousin who owns his own fishing shop. Yet another option is visiting an online forum about Montana. There, you will likely find Montana natives or vacationers who know about fishing in the state and can give you information about the best fishing guides.

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