How To Find College Football Predictions

College football has a huge fan base, from parents and classmates to you and your best buddies. Everyone thinks their team is going to win the championship bowl this year, but how can you really know? And where can you find information that will help you make your college football picks for this week? See what fans and professional sports commentators have to say on these websites. They'll keep you informed about all of the college football predictions for the current season.

Step 1

Visit One of the first places you need to look for college football predictions is this website. It features current football polls, as well as picks and game scores. In addition, it has pre-game and post-game discussions where you can catch up on all the latest college football talk. Look for help with making your college football predictions under the ‘standings' link in the toolbar at the top of the page. Or, read up on your favorite team by clicking on the ‘teams' link.

If you would rather just hear what other fans are predicting for this year's college football season, then go straight to the forum on this page. It's on the toolbar at the top of the page. You'll find forums under the topics of ‘General Discussion', ‘Picks' and ‘Top 25 Voters'. You can potentially find college football predictions in any of these discussion forums.

Step 2

Visit This is also another website you need to visit if you're looking for college football predictions. As a major sports network, CBS keeps up-to-date with all of the latest football news and statistics. Head to this website, then click on the ‘College FB' link under the main banner. Or surf directly to for a look at their bowl predictions for the upcoming season. As a fan, you can even get in on the predictions. Under certain bowl sections, there will be a link where you can ‘Post Your Own Game Prediction'. See how other fans think the game will turn out, and post your own opinions too. Then watch the game that week to see if your predictions were right.

Step 3

Go to This is yet another popular website where college football fans can go to find college football predictions. Hosted by Fox Sports on MSN, the odds and predictions are listed for each college football game played every week. Use these to make your weekly picks, or to prove to your buddies that your team is most likely going to win this weekend's game.

You'll also enjoy following the popular comments section on this website. You can join thousands of other college football fans in online discussions about who is thought to be the next big winner. Post your thoughts about articles on the websites, about recent player turmoil and on the approach of the next big game. Find college football fans who, just like you, are interesting in getting predictions and hearing the odds about their favorite college football team.


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