How To Find Custom Snowboard Stickers

Snowboards look way cooler if trendy and sleek sticker designs are plastered on them. Obviously, if you are a serious snowboarder, you would want to attach stickers with the logos and designs of snowboard brands and resorts. You can opt to go another way by getting some stickers that display colorful and unique designs to make fellow snowboarders envious of your board. Finding the appropriate sticker for your board is relatively easy. Here are some tips to initiate the search.

Contact the snowboard manufacturer. The easiest way to get hold of stickers of a particular snowboard manufacturer or brand will be to get in touch with them and inquire. If the company has a website, search for it on the Internet and visit it. Some of these websites will display various snowboard accessories they sell including stickers with their logos and custom designs. If the site allows you to purchase these stickers online, then all you have to do is order and plug in your credit card information and the stickers should reach your doorstep in no time. You can shoot them an email inquiry if they do not have an online store facility on their website. They should respond to your email with a catalog of available stickers and a list of stores in your locality where you can purchase them.

Contact the resort. On the other hand, if you are looking to acquire stickers displaying certain snowboard resorts, you may want to get a hold of the resort’s marketing department to ask for the sticker designs they offer. Some resorts may even give the stickers away for free as part of their marketing and promotions effort. Visit the resort website and send an inquiry via email. Call them up if the contact number is published on the site as well.

Visit snowboard or sports shops. Your local snowboard supply or sports supply store should carry a lot of different stickers for the snowboards they sell. It would be wise to check these shops out to see if any stickers pique your interest. The options in the store may be limited but they should be able to carry an extensive collection encompassing various brands and logos.

Have it custom-made. If you still have a hard time finding the right sticker, you can always have your preferred sticker design printed. Visit your local printing shop and have them create a design based on your preference. They will create a sample for you to look at and if you approve, they can print it for you. Make sure to check the costs of the service since some printing shops will charge more for printing a few stickers. The price gets lower as the volume of the print increases so make sure to keep that aspect in mind.

Do it yourself
. If you have a computer, a printer, and sticker paper, then you may opt to create the sticker yourself. You can search for a design template online to use or you can be creative and design it yourself with a good graphic application like Adobe Photoshop. Once you are satisfied with the design, stick the sticker paper in the printer and start bringing the sticker to life.

Once you acquire or make your snowboard sticker, plaster it on the board and watch people take a gander at your fabulous and trendy snowboard. However, do not rely on the sticker to boost your snowboarding skills. The sticker is merely there to add to the coolness but if you don’t bring it on, then people will just think that you are a mere poser.


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