How To Find Gun Parts

There are instances when you meet untoward incidents and accidentally break parts of your gun, such as the magazine, the trigger, or the safety locks.  Likewise, there may come a time when you would want to accessorize your gun, maybe add a few extra bells and whistles, or buy spare magazines for future use.  No matter what the reason is, there may come a time when you have to find gun parts to use.  Here are a few tips how:

  1. Identify the specific gun part needed.  Responsible gun owners take time to get to know their guns.  Get to know the parts of your gun so you’d be able to identify and compare whenever there’s something wrong with it.  Knowing the core parts of your gun can help you easily find a replacement.
  2. Read up on your gun and the available replacements in the market.  What model of the gun are you using?  Does the manufacturer offer replacement for parts?  Are replacement parts for your gun already obsolete?  These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before setting out to find replacement parts for your gun.  Most essential of these is the gun model, since different models have specialized parts that fit only particular types of guns.
  3. Approach a local gun dealer and see if your gun part is available.  Armed with the aforementioned knowledge beforehand, go to your local gun dealer and ask about the availability of these parts.  Since you have already pinpointed the parts you need and you already know the model of your gun, it would be easy for the dealer to locate replacement parts for you.  If he doesn’t have one on hand, ask if he’s willing to order from the manufacturer for you.  However, oftentimes, dealers require extra payment for these kinds of transactions.
  4. Find gun parts online.  There are many sites online loaded with information about stores that provide replacement parts for guns.  One such website is, which provides an up-to-date catalog of different gun parts by different manufacturers.  Try to scour the worldwide web because this may just be the place to find the needed gun parts, especially if your gun model is rare.
  5. Ask local gun associations where they buy their gun parts.  Chances are there’s a local gun owners’ association out there in your neighborhood.  Try and locate it and even become a member yourself, in order to gain contacts and obtain relevant information about your guns and owning one in general.  These gun owners may also have helpful knowledge on where to locate hard-to-find gun parts in your city.  Try to get acquainted with your fellow gun owners.

Looking for gun parts isn’t tricky, so long as you have the right contacts and you know what exactly it is you’re looking for.  In the end, it is also best to seek out several gun parts dealers so that you may be able to compare their prices and choose the best one that suits your budget.


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