How To Find the Best Football Teams of All Time

A football team is a group of people put together to form a team sport called football. The team plays against an opposing team. Football clubs refer to a sports club commonly organized or incorporated with a club president, committee, policies, and other rules in order to ensure the playing existence of at least one team and are normally chosen for regular competitions.

Everyone has a personal football team favorite and will strongly defend the merits of the team. Keep in mind the following criteria when looking for the best football team:

  • Major honor. A football team must have received a major honor. The more awards, the better. If the football club has won just one trophy, it is apparent that they were given that prize for a special reason because they will not be recognized otherwise.
  • Big names. As winning is important to a team, having big names on the team is likewise significant. Teams that are remembered even decades after their league are impressive.
  • Local football standings. For football county teams, check at how well they perform per season. The greatness of a team can be seen with how well they defend their title.

Of course, your personal favorite may not be the best of the best in terms of stats and honors. But when deliberating with other football fans, it is best to keep yourself  knowledgeable of the awards, honors, and recognition your personal favorite has to be able to stand up for the football team of your choice.

Because evaluating the relative strength of the greatest football teams of all time uses subjective judgments, and because the quality and football strategies, as well as new training methods and tactics change over time, it is obviously hard to compare and select the best team. If your personal list of greatest football teams is still lengthy, you can also narrow down your list using Net Average Yards Per Play Advantage or NAYPPA.

NAYPPA is considered as a fair measure of football teams’ relative strength because it is reasonably constant every season. In recent times, it flies between a median of 5.4 to 5.5 yards per game on offense and defense. So what is the NAYPPA and how is it measured?

The Net Average Yards Per Play Advantage is the number of yards per play more did a team achieve on offense during the entire season as compared to the yards per play that the defense allowed in the same football season. Dominance of the team in a specific football season can be demonstrated through this.

This measure of dominance can be slightly tweaked through comparing it with the strength of schedule. This method has been proven superior compared to survey polls and other statistical techniques used for evaluation the strength of a football team.

Football lovers and supporters usually download pictures of their favorite teams and make them as desktop wallpapers while other supporters make their own fan made football wallpapers for other football lovers to download.


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