How To Find Used Boat Parts: Boat Classifieds

Learn to Salvage Boat Parts and More

Whether you like to rebuild boats for a hobby or your favorite boat needs repair, instead of paying a fortune for new parts it's always good to know where to find used parts and supplies. Some of these tips include looking at classifieds and salvage parts. You'll save a ton of money.

Step 1

Check the internet. There are auction sites on the Internet that offer used parts at a fraction of their original cost. Check out and for more information. You might always want to check eBay or private boat websites to see if owners have posted any used parts for sale. Look for dealers or sellers in your area to save on shipping fees.

Step 2

Look at salvage yards. Visit any busy pier and you'll likely come across a few boats relinquished to the graveyard. Talk to the owner or manager to inquire if he has any parts available on the old wrecks. If you can salvage parts, it will save you money. Also, old boats are taken to car and boat salvage yards. Look in your phonebook for salvage yards on your area. Some owners also have websites, such as You may appreciate being able to search online for parts rather than making the phone call or the trip out to the actual salvage yard.

Step 3

Read the classifieds. During the boating season, you may also find a few used parts listed in your newspaper classifieds. Often, engines, propellers and electronics will be listed from boats that were torn down to use for scrap. If you're lucky, the seller will likely be willing to negotiate a lower price to get these parts off of his hands. Never settle for the listed price, or you'll always wonder if you could have gotten what you need for less.

Step 4

Talk to your maintenance mechanic. If you frequent a marina or pier, you probably have a mechanic that you use to maintain your own boat. If so, consider talking to him about finding the used parts that you need. If he doesn't have any on hand, chances are he'll at least be able to send you in the right direction on your search.

Step 5

Buy an old boat for parts. If you need more than a few parts, consider buying an old, decommissioned boat. These are listed at marinas and boat yards, in newspapers and on the Internet. You'll probably end up with more parts than you need, but it will be much cheaper than buying each one separately.


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