How To Fish with a Squid Jig

You may marvel at the fish you caught from your last fishing adventure, but you have not yet actually proven your worth in fishing if you have not experienced squid fishing.

Squid fishing is difficult. It requires proper method and outstanding fishing skill in order to catch squid. Proper apparatus particularly known as the squid jig is also necessary as you cannot just catch a squid with the same tools used in ordinary fishing. To learn how to fish with a squid jig, read on.

  • Prepare these tools when squid fishing: bait fish, weights (preferably made of lead material), squid jigs, fishing line with a minimum eight pound weight and maximum twelve pound weight and fishing rod with extra length and thickness.
  • Look around for various kinds of squid jigs. There are a lot in markets and in stores that exclusively sell fishing gear. Do not make the mistake however of finding squid jigs in stores selling aquarium supplies and accessories as they are most likely not available in these outlets.
  • Decide which type of squid jig to use in your squid fishing journey. Most squid jigs come in plastic, luminous form. They resemble the size and shape of nails with tiny prongs on one end, which are used for hooking the bait.
  • Opt for squid jigs that suit the size of squids you prefer to catch. For smaller squids, thinner but longer squid jigs are fine while for bigger squids, big jigs such as the Giant Humboldt glowing jig is a perfect choice.
  • Use weights to allow the squid jigs to sink. Squid jigs, especially those made of plastic tend to float on the surface of the water because they are light and buoyant. Hence you need to attach some weights, particularly those of lead material, to make sure the jigs sink to the desired depth. Avoid using more weight than necessary. Half pound to three pounds weights are enough to sink the squid jigs to the right depth.
  • Throw in the squid jig into the water in the same manner when you are trout fishing. Cast and retrieve repeatedly to draw squids to your bait. Squids easily get attracted when the bait is thrown in again and again in the water. Squids are more easily lured when the jigs are cast in brief, erratic motions.
  • Use a boat in fishing for squid. You may also stay in a pier or in the shore where the water level is deep. Squids like to stay in quiet, deep waters. They also usually come near the water surface at night, hence squid fishing during night time yields more catch.
  • Use a net when you prove to be unsuccessful with squid jigs. However some smaller fish may get caught with the net, so be sure you release them immediately back to the water after hauling your catch.

If you really want to dig more in squid fishing, sign up for membership in various organizations of squid fishing aficionados. Try also to get some tips and advice from those who have been in this venture for quite sometime. Squid fishing is one activity that can start from a hobby and later develop into a revenue generating endeavor.


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