How To Fix a Bicycle Spoke

A bicycle spoke is one of the rods that are connected to the central hub of the wheel making it turn more efficiently and controllably. There are many possible causes why a bicycle spoke would be broken. The most common is your bike is getting really rusty and old or that you are riding it too hard. This procedure is easy as long as you follow it very carefully. The best part is, you do not need to be a techie, a handyman or a professional to do this. Read on to learn more.

  1. Get the bicycle wheel with the broken spoke by removing or taking it out from the body of the bike. You can easily do this by looking for the lever on the wheel. Just flip it over and it will automatically loosen it so you can simply pull it from its body. Make sure that you take the inner tube from the bike’s rim as well. If there’s a plastic that is banded around the rim, remove it too.
  2. Carefully disassemble the broken spoke. Remove both pieces. Do not leave anything out on the bicycle wheel. Unscrew and keep the nut from the end of the spoke in a safe place. Since you will be needing a new spoke, go to the nearest bike shop and bring the two broken pieces. Purchase for a replacement and make sure you buy the exact same type and height for your bike.
  3. From the central hub, insert the new spoke into the hole. Its direction should be towards the other vacant hole at the end near the tire. If unsure, scrutinize the other spokes and follow the approach pattern that you see. Firmly thread it on its neighbor spokes until you reach the rim.
  4. Get the nut and tightly screw it back at the end of the new spoke. Make sure that you use a spoke wrench to properly secure it. It is important that the tautness of the existing spokes should be the same on the new spoke. Tighten the nut until you reach the proper tension.
  5. Reattach the bicycle tire, inner tube and wheel on the body. All you have to do is to slip one edge of the tire until it goes completely around the rim. Put the inner tube deeply inside the tire. Get a tire tool that can lever the tire into the rim. Push it on the edges of the rim and roll it into place. Inflate the tire if needed and put it back to the bicycle.

There you have it! Anyone can do these very easy and effective steps. Always remember not to throw away the pieces of your broken bicycle spoke. You will be needing it when a spoke replacement needs to be bought. This way, you can just bring it over to the bicycle shop and have the salesperson look at the type for you. Also, it would be very helpful for you to buy your own spoke wrench and tire tools. They are inexpensive and can be used in the future. These tools are such a wonder. They can give you an easy fix to your future bike repairs. Good luck and have fun!


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